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2024 TravelGirls Reviews [Does This Dating Site Work?]

If you’re looking for a dating app that combines the allure of travel with finding someone special, TravelGirls might seem like the perfect solution. Sounds good in theory, but does it work in practice?

Our dating experts have all the answers to your questions in this TravelGirls review!

We have been helping singles find their ideal partners on dating apps and sites for 14+ years. 

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Read on to find out when - and if - this travel dating site is worth trying!

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Is TravelGirls Legit? – Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Travelgirls dating site

Like any dating app, TravelGirls has its benefits and drawbacks. On the positive side…


  • TravelGirls has been around for over 10 years, and the site is easy to navigate and use.
  • You’ll find potential matches from all over the world.
  • Women can use the site for free, so you’ll find plenty of potential matches.
  • It’s a niche dating site specifically geared for travelers, so the matches you’ll find are like-minded and adventurous.


  • As with any international dating site, you’ll need to do some heavy curating as these types of platforms tend to attract scammers in droves.
  • Due to the easy sign up process with no verification required (verification is only suggested), there’s a higher percentage of fake profiles than you’d find on other platforms. The site has a low trust score on ScamAdvisor.
  • Men must pay to read and respond to instant messages.
  • The TravelGirls companion app is available on GooglePlay but no longer appears to be on the AppStore for iOS devices.

TravelGirls Review Verdict

TravelGirls can be an effective way to meet new people while abroad. But that being said, you absolutely need to do your due diligence if you decide to try it. 

The site does attract legit users looking for a travel companion, or to show someone around while they’re in town. You’ll also find plenty of women who are taking a “sugar dating” approach, seeking affluent men to fund a lavish trip. 

And unfortunately, you’ll also find plenty of scammers, bots, escorts, and catfishers looking to separate you from your money or trick you into divulging too much personal information.

Use the site with extreme caution, and be mindful of red flags like profiles with only one or two photos (usually of a provocatively dressed woman) and messages from beautiful women who are over-the-top excited to meet you within 30 seconds of signing up.

Under no circumstances should you send money to someone you haven't met in person, which is a good rule to follow no matter what dating platform you’re using. 

Now, let’s talk about the price tag and what you get when you pay for TravelGirls.

TravelGirls Cost & Premium Features

How much does TravelGirls cost to join? That depends on whether you sign up as a man or a woman.

For men, premium memberships start at $69 for 1 month. And you’ll need a premium membership to use the site, because that’s the only way you can read and send messages.

Women can use the site for free, including sending and reading messages. But there’s also the Diamond Girl premium membership which unlocks some perks. 

A Diamond membership on TravelGirls costs $10 for the first month, and $30 a month after that. 

TravelGirls diamond membership

Diamond members have a badge displayed on their profiles and appear at the top of men’s search results. Diamond profiles are only shown to other premium members. 

As a Diamond member, you can also:

  • Upload an unlimited number of photos.
  • Hide your profile from specific locations or people to maintain privacy.
  • View everyone’s “trust scores,” which is a metric based on reports written by other members.
TravelGirls trusted member score example

Now, let’s see what members are saying about their experience using this travel-based dating app… 

Real TravelGirls App Reviews From Users

On the Google Play store, TravelGirls has a 3-star rating based on 140+ reviews for the phone app and a 2.5 star rating based on 6 reviews for the tablet.

TravelGirls Google rating of 3.0 stars

The 5-star ratings for the TravelGirls mobile app were accompanied by generic praise, like “good”, “best app ever”, and "nice app”, with no other description.

5-star Google Play review for TravelGirls

Other reviewers gave the app 3 stars, like this user who wasn’t thrilled by all the work that went into finding genuine members:

3-star Google Play review for TravelGirls dating site

The majority of TravelGirls reviews on Google Play were 1 star. Many found the app to be buggy, glitchy, and otherwise uncooperative.

1-star TravelGirls dating site review on Google Play
1-star TravelGirls review on Google Play
1-star Google Play review for TravelGirls

Another 1-star reviewer said he thought he was signing up for the free trial but was charged for the month:

1-star TravelGirls dating site review on Google Play

And some of the 1-star reviews mentioned the large number of fake profiles:

Google Play 1-star review for TravelGirls dating app
1-star Google Play review for TravelGirls dating app

On SiteJabber, TravelGirls has a similar rating of 2.5 stars based on 140+ reviews. 

Many users shared a negative experience with the site, mentioning the abundance of fake profiles and other users requesting money as in these TravelGirls reviews:

1-star TravelGirls dating site review on SiteJabber
1-star SiteJabber review for TravelGirls

This TravelGirls user noted that you can actually meet real women using the platform, you just have to be smart about it:

3-star TravelGirls review on SiteJabber

There were a handful of 4 & 5-star TravelGirls reviews on SiteJabber, however they were all at least 7 years old.

Some TravelGirls users offered advice for other users in their reviews, such as requesting a photo of someone’s passport, especially if you’re willing to purchase their plane ticket. That’s one way to help ensure you’re dealing with a real person.

Another user advised being mindful of the way a match communicates with you. For instance, if you plan a trip with someone who only gives you 2-word replies, that may likely be all you’ll get out of them on your trip.

Now that you know what users are saying about their experience, let’s take a peek at what you can expect if you sign up.

Setting Up Your TravelGirls Profile

Creating an account is quick and easy. You can register on, or download the app on Google Play

You can sign up via your Facebook or Gmail account, or by registering with your name, email, password, and age. 

After you activate your account via your email address, begin building your profile by uploading your profile photos. (Not sure how to build a compelling photo lineup? Check out these expert dating photo tips first!)

TravelGirls profile picture upload

Next, add at least 3 desired destinations (countries and/or cities) to find like minded singles who either live there or also want to visit. 

Then fill out your “About Me” to share a few details about yourself with your potential matches. For instance, consider sharing a bit about your occupation, hobbies, interests, and lifestyle. (Bookmark these expert tips for crafting an engaging TravelGirls profile next!)

While it isn’t mandatory to talk about these points in your “About Me”, sharing details about your lifestyle and interests can significantly increase your chances of connecting with compatible singles.

Lastly, complete the rest of your profile, including any languages you speak, your height, nationality, and details about your physical appearance. 

There’s also a spot to select who you wish to travel with. Men, women, both? What age group are you interested in meeting? These selections will narrow down your search options.

TravelGirls search preferences settings example

You can change your search preferences at any time. Just click the arrow next to your photo and username in the upper right corner and select “search preferences”.

Search Preferences location on TravelGirls

A quick tip when completing your profile… Don’t forget to get verified!

TravelGirls verification notification

Getting verified will push you higher in search results, and it unlocks a few other perks as well, like the ability to post planned trips, create group messages, and a verified badge. 

Verification requires what they call a “Liveness detection”, which asks a user to complete a task on camera, such as taking a well-lit selfie.

TravelGirls profile verification selfie screen

Just keep in mind that the verification process has the potential to be tricked with the right selfie, so remain cautious while chatting with other verified members.

Now that your profile is complete, you can check messages and add members to “favorites”; see who viewed you, who requested photos, view which members have planned trips to your desired destinations, and add your own upcoming trips to see if anyone is interested in joining.

How To Get The Most Out Of TravelGirls

Whether you give this dating site a try, or one of the TravelGirls alternatives, be aware that international dating sites require a slightly different approach. 

It’s not just being mindful of scammers and matches who are more interested in sugar dating. You also need to market yourself in a genuine and authentic way, since traveling with someone is a much bigger “ask” than inviting them out for a cup of coffee.

Our dating guide for digital nomads is packed with tips on how to successfully meet someone on a travel dating site, as well as safety tips and more.

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