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Tinder Gold Review [When It's Worth It & When To Skip It!]

If you’re into instant gratification while swiping on a dating app, you’re going to love Tinder Gold.

Get Tinder Gold

Similar to Bumble’s BeeLine, Tinder’s premium upgrade lets you scroll through profiles of local singles who have already “liked” your profile. That means if the interest is mutual, boom - instant Tinder match.

You’ll also get 4-10 “Top Picks” - which are local singles specifically chosen for you by the app’s algorithm.

But is that convenience worth the price tag that goes with it? This short article has all the answers, straight from the dating experts at VIDA Select.

We've logged hundreds of thousands of hours on Tinder, setting up profiles, swiping for compatible matches, and sending countless messages on behalf of our clients. Our team has been using Tinder since it launched, so we know all the premium features inside and out.

From a list of included features to pros & cons to cost, you’ll find all the details you need to decide if upgrading to Tinder Gold is worth it for you.

Tinder Gold Review Table Of Contents:

  1. Tinder Gold Cost
  2. Tinder Gold Features
  3. Pros & Cons Of Upgrading

At the very end, you’ll find 3 Tinder profile tips that will triple your matches - whether or not you decide to upgrade!

How Much Does Tinder Gold Cost?

A Tinder Gold subscription costs around $39.99 for one month, with a price break if you commit to 6 months at a time:

Tinder Gold Price
1 week - $18.99
1 month - $39.99
6 month - $99.99

The exact amount you’ll pay depends on factors like your location and what promos are running at the time you sign up.

Tinder Gold Features

Upgrading to Tinder Gold unlocks 4 premium features. Let's take a look at each one.

Spoiler Alerts (The Good Kind)

Tinder Gold likes you

You’ll see the profiles of everyone who has swiped right on your profile since you last opened the app in the “Likes You” grid view. From there, you can auto-match, dismiss, or click on a photo to see the rest of their profile.

With Tinder Gold, you’ll also still see who has already swiped right on your profile when browsing through the general pool of matches. Just look for profiles with the yellow heart icon:

Tinder Gold see who likes you

Tinder Boosts

Upgrading gives you one free Tinder Boost a month, which means for 30 minutes your profile gets prominent placement in the queues for all the users in your area.

You can also purchase additional Boosts individually, or in small quantities for a price break:

Tinder Boost Price
1 Boost - $7.99
5 Boosts - $7.00/each
10 Boosts - $6.00/each
PRO TIP: Use your Tinder Boost at the right time for maximum impact. Tinder usage peaks between 8 and 10 pm, so unleashing your Boost during “prime time” will help ensure as many people as possible see your profile.

Curated Matches

You’ll receive anywhere from 4 to 10 Tinder Picks every day, which you can check out by tapping the gold diamond icon.

tinder picks icon

Your top picks will change every day - so make sure to swipe right whenever you’re intrigued.

Similar to the “Likes You” feed, you’ll see your daily Top Picks arranged in a handy grid view, with even handier labels so you can see one of their major selling points in an instant.

Tinder Gold also unlocks additional filters in your Discovery settings, which makes screening potential matches a lot easier, without limiting who you see.

Tinder Gold's Premium Discovery Settings

Even with the premium Discovery preferences turned on, it will still let you match with singles outside those preferences as well.

Feed Your Ego At A Glance

You can instantly see how many new likes you have by looking at your match queue:

New likes feed on Tinder

You can control the “New Likes” notifications from the Settings screen:

New Likes settings on Tinder

You'll also be able to go back and review all your 'likes' from the past 7 days.


Tinder Gold subscribers get to send 5 additional Super Likes each week.

Access To All The Tinder Plus Features

Tinder Gold is one tier higher than Tinder Plus, so a Gold subscription includes those upgraded features as well.

Here’s a recap of Tinder Plus premium features:

  • Privacy features like Incognito Mode
  • Rewind (undo your last swipe)
  • Passport (change your location)
  • No ads
  • Unlimited right swiping

Boosts and SuperLikes are also available as in-app purchases, should you want to use more than the number included in your Gold membership.

The Pros & Cons Of Tinder Gold

To decide whether or not upgrading to Tinder Gold is worth the money, it helps to weigh the pros & cons.


  • A daily selection of matches curated just for you, courtesy of the Tinder Picks feature.
  • Additional preferences you can use to help screen potential matches.
  • You can match without swiping, which is great if you only have a few minutes to spare.
  • You can swipe right on multiple profiles at once from the “Likes You” grid, which can save you a ton of time.
  • Features like Boost and Super Like ensure your profile gets noticed by more singles in your area.
  • You can control the information that is shown to other people by hiding your age and distance away.


  • It doesn’t magically up your Tinder game. There's no getting around the double opt-in aspect, you still need strong photos and messages that make women want to swipe right.
  • The biggest perk of Tinder Gold is knowing which singles have already liked your profile. You can find that out for free by swiping.
  • You could be paying for features you don’t need. For instance, if you never travel, you don’t need the ability to change your location. And if your profile isn’t getting “liked” a lot, you’re setting yourself up for some pricey frustration.

Tinder Gold Review Verdict:

Stick with Tinder Plus if you don’t get very many matches. (Few to no matches? Read this.) But if you do get more than your fair share, you could save a ton of time by only browsing through people who have already expressed interest in your profile.

And if you’re looking to meet higher quality local singles on this popular dating app, consider outsourcing Tinder entirely. It’s the fastest, easiest way to meet your ideal match in as little as 3 months! Click here to find out how.

Give Your Tinder Profile The Midas Touch

Even if you decide not to upgrade to Tinder Gold, you want the best possible Tinder profile, right?

These 3 Tinder profile tips will boost your match rate and have the best local women saying “yes” to a date.

#1. Lead With Your Best Photo (According To Science)

It’s not often that “neuroscientist” and “Tinder” show up in the same sentence, but that didn’t stop a team of researchers from the Netherlands. They used high-tech devices and research methods like an EEG and eye tracking to find out once and for all what elements combine to form the most attractive Tinder photo.

You can read all the science stuff here, but what’s going to help you get more dates is knowing the 4 elements all the most attractive Tinder photos have in common:

best Tinder photo
  1. It’s all about you. You should be the only person in the frame for your primary photo.
  2. You “pop” against the background. Images with a high amount of contrast between the subject and the background were rated as consistently more attractive.
  3. It’s a mid-range closeup. Ideally you want the upper 2/3rds of your body visible.
  4. She can see your eyes. Don’t hide behind sunglasses, your bangs, or anything else. Eye contact is sexy.

#2. Use More Than One Photo

You just learned what makes for the most attractive primary Tinder photo, but don’t stop there. Profiles that included 3 pictures got 5 times more matches than profiles with just one picture.

The key to success is choosing a range of photos that showcase an active, fun lifestyle. When she’s scrolling through your pics she’ll be imagining what spending time with you would be like, so select your lineup accordingly.

Once you’ve got some contenders, get a second opinion. This is one case where soliciting the advice of strangers can pay off big time.

People who aren’t familiar with your appearance are better at picking your strongest photos than you are. Research has shown a stranger will notice things like micro-expressions that you miss - and those little details can have a big impact on your perceived attractiveness.

Upload a few to a site like Photofeeler and let the masses weigh in. You can also use Tinder’s Smart Photo feature to automatically use the most right-swiped photos, but the downside is your primary photo will keep rotating. The app claims using the feature will give you a 12% boost in your match rate.

#3. Take The Time To Write A Strong Bio

Even though Tinder is primarily photo driven, including a bio in your profile could quadruple your match rate. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it’s easy. Every word counts when you’re looking at less than 500 characters.

To avoid turning her off instantly, avoid these Tinder profile mistakes:

  • Advertising that you’re just there to hook up (even if you are). Keeping your profile classy will attract more high quality women.
  • Trying to be funny - and failing. Humor can be tough to pull off on dating sites because it’s so subjective. Check out these examples of funny tinder profiles that actually work.
  • Telling instead of showing. Many guys default to writing a boring list of adjectives that describe them. Instead of putting “I’m adventurous”, write a sentence that describes the time you tried kitesurfing, or eating a scorpion, or whatever it was you did that actually was adventurous. When you start to form actual emotional connections, you start building attraction.

Want even more expert advice? Check out these Tinder tips!

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