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Best Tinder Bios For Guys: 6 Examples That Will Make Her Swipe Right

A great Tinder bio gives you a leg up on the competition. And considering men vastly outnumber women on Tinder, you need to seize any advantage you can get.

Sure, photos are important - it's a dating app. But having one of the best Tinder bios she’s ever seen increases the chance of getting some swipe-match-message action.

Plus, she's a lot more likely to agree to a date or number exchange if your bio sparks her curiosity.

But if you’re not used to writing about yourself, coming up with a few good tinder bio lines that capture your personality can quickly turn into a frustrating experience.

That’s why a lot of guys default to something lame like this:

Tinder bio mistake

Or they just skip their Tinder bios entirely.

But don’t make that mistake - you’ll get 4x fewer matches than guys who have Tinder bios.

You’re about to get 6 Tinder bio examples that will give you a leg up on the competition, and have the best local women swiping right and responding to your messages in no time!

Best Tinder Bios Guys

You’ll even learn the secrets behind why these bios are hyper-effective on popular dating apps like Tinder, so you can write one that’s 100% you.

And since every great dating profile needs strong pictures, you’ll also get 3 expert Tinder photo tips that will boost your match rate.

In other words, everything you need to make your Tinder bio more attractive!

Put A Twist On A Familiar Format

You can find Tinder bio ideas just about anywhere, like movie or book reviews.

"Review Style" Tinder Bio:

Tinder bio Movie Review example

Even a pros/cons list can be successfully adapted into a Tinder profile.

"Pros & Cons" Example:

Tinder bio Pros & Cons example

It’s what a potential match reads between the lines of these two Tinder profiles that makes them so successful.

Let’s take a look at what she’s likely thinking as she reads them:

Tinder profile tip: reading between the lines

See how most of those sentences are doing double duty?

Same with these good Tinder bio lines:

example of great Tinder lines for your bio

The best Tinder bio appeals to her on multiple levels, so she's that much more excited about the prospect of meeting you in person.

Why Tinder + Humor Is Such A Good Combo

A funny Tinder bio like these two examples can really boost your results on a dating app.

That's because a good sense of humor is a must-have personality trait for the majority of women.

In fact, women’s brains are wired to find funny guys attractive - so why not use science to your advantage?

One cautionary note, however.

Humor can be tricky because it’s so subjective.

What you think is funny some girls may find creepy or random, as is the case with this real-world example:

creepy Tinder profile

Humor done wrong, especially when it's combined with a lackluster primary profile picture, can also make it seem like you’re not serious about meeting someone:

Bro humor Tinder bio

Tailor your humor to what the type of woman you’re looking for would find funny, not what makes your bros laugh.

If you’re not sure, run your Tinder profile by one of the women at your office, or a female friend.

In fact, that’s a good idea no matter what.

The last thing you want to do is highlight a hobby in your profile that interests you, but in a way that is virtually guaranteed to turn her off.

Case in point:

gamer first Tinder profile

Get Creative With Emojis

The more skimmable Tinder bios are, the higher the odds she’ll actually read them.

People naturally gravitate to things that are easy to read and understand, and studies show simple language makes you seem more likable and more intelligent.

That’s a win-win scenario for your Tinder profile.

Creative Emoji Example:

Good Tinder bio example with emoji

Why Emoji Work So Well For Online Dating Profiles

Emoji are the essence of simplicity, which makes them perfect for Tinder bios.

Instead of writing, “I like to travel, surf, go out for sushi, and hit the trails on my mountain bike,” emoji instantly convey the same idea in a more visually interesting format.

They can also save you from sounding cliché.

Instead of the way-overused "I love long walks on the beach," just pop in a beach emoji.

Dense blocks of text, even 500-character or less ones, aren’t as appealing.

Case in point, this Tinder bio found out in the wild:

Tinder example with bad grammar

Not too many women would even try to decipher that, much less be impressed by it.

Split-second decisions determine your fate on Tinder, so make sure your bio hits all the right notes.

You Need To Use The Right Emoji

Steer clear of the eggplant - 75% of singles said it was the biggest turnoff of any emoji. That means you can have the best Tinder bio she's seen in awhile, then tank it by dropping in an 🍆 at the end.

The peach was the next biggest offender, turning off almost half of the singles surveyed.

In a nutshell, if you could use it in a way that makes your inner 9-year-old snicker, don’t include it in your Tinder bio.

Also, include them in a way that instantly makes sense.

If you use too many, or in a way that seems random, it quickly becomes visually overwhelming and she’ll move on:

Too many emoji in a Tinder profile

PRO TIP: Grammar Matters, Folks.

Whether we're talking about super short Tinder bios or longer profiles, bad grammar is a bad idea.

In one study, 72% of singles were turned off by spelling errors, and 65% of women said bad grammar would keep them from pursuing a date.

Another study found 68% of singles swipe left when they spot poor punctuation or grammar in a profile, even when they think that user is attractive.

And in case you need even more convincing, singles also thought having bad sex was preferable to dealing with bad grammar.

Your phone has spell check, so use it. You'll be that much closer to a perfect Tinder bio.

The Best Tinder Bio Says A Lot, With Just A Few Words

Tinder - like any dating app - is all about the quick sell.

You've got limited space to make your case to potential matches, so every word you choose needs to promote your message.

"Elevator Pitch" Example:

Tinder profile for guys

This Tinder bio packs a lot of punch.

In less than 500 characters, she’s learned this guy:

  • Has a solid career in a lucrative field
  • Possesses the resources to travel frequently
  • Is physically fit & spends time outdoors
  • Has a good work/life balance

Who wouldn’t want to know more about him? Plus she's got lots of inspiration for a conversation starter.

Here’s the same idea, but spiced up with a few emoji.

"Elevator Pitch With Emoji" Example:

dating app profile example

Successful Tinder bios highlight a few attractive traits in a way that sounds casual and natural.

She doesn’t know you, so she’s judging you purely on your photos and your bio.

And that first impression gets formed in microseconds.

That means every single word needs to make you look good, not give her reason to think twice about swiping right or returning your message.

Take these two real life Tinder bios for instance:

negativity in a tinder profile
boring Tinder profile example

There’s nothing intriguing about either of these Joshes.

One wants to take the easy road because he’s bad at dating, the other wants her to do all the hard work.

Spending time with them in person doesn't sound too thrilling, right?

That’s not to say negativity never works in Tinder bios.

For example, this funny Tinder bio lists reasons NOT to date you, but in an attractive, creative way.

Funny Tinder Example:

Tinder About Me example for guys

See the difference? Just make sure you’re not highlighting a “real” negative, as in this example:

bad tinder example

Funny Tinder bios don't work if you're handing her a reason to swipe left.

Don’t Let Terrible Photos Sink A Good Bio

This article is packed with expert dating photo tips, but here are 3 to get you started:

#1. Follow The Recipe For The Perfect Tinder Photo

When a bunch of neuroscientists turn their attention to Tinder, everybody wins.

They identified the traits the most attractive photos on Tinder have in common, which you can apply to choosing your primary photo on any dating app:

perfect Tinder photo
  1. You’re the only person in the frame
  2. There’s enough contrast to make you “pop” out of the background
  3. It’s a close up
  4. You’re not wearing sunglasses

Not blocking your eyes had the most drastic effect on a particular photo’s match rate.

This falls right in line with Tinder sociologist Dr. Jessica Carbino’s theory that if she can’t make eye contact with you, she subconsciously fears you might be hiding something so you seem less trustworthy.

#2. Dress For Success

According to Tinder’s in-house data, the majority of guys wear black, or another neutral tone, in their photos.

That means if you want to instantly catch her eye as she’s swiping, wear a bright color.

Red is your best choice, because studies have shown women find men wearing red more attractive and more sexually desirable.

#3. Get Input From Strangers


It’s simply not possible to evaluate a picture of yourself the same way a stranger would.

You’re used to looking in the mirror, so you automatically gloss over the fine details that someone who’s never seen you before might notice right away.

Girls may even react to your photo in a way that never even occurred to you.

For instance, if you’re leaned up against a graffiti covered wall, rocking your favorite Affliction hoody and a straight face, you may think you look pretty suave.

You know you’re not a dangerous guy, so you’d be shocked to find out she took one look at that photo and filed you under “wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.”

The Devil Is In The Details

And that’s why strangers are better at choosing the photos in which you look the most attractive, competent, and trustworthy.

If you don’t mind giving up total control of your lineup, you can activate Tinder’s Smart Photos feature.

It automatically shows your most right-swiped pic first. (But only activate that once you've got a solid lineup. Moving the best of the worst to pole position isn't doing you any favors.)

It's generally more effective to use a website like PhotoFeeler to gather data on your most promising Tinder photos, and then make your selection accordingly.

How To Meet The Best Local Singles On Tinder

Getting her attention with a good app bio and strong photos is half the battle - keeping it comes next. Starting to sound like a lot of work? It is!

The average Tinder user checks the app 11 times a day, which adds up to 90 minutes of daily use.

Between swiping and writing the kind of messages that lead to dates, you’ve got to put in the hours if you want to reap the rewards. Invest some time putting these Tinder tricks & tips to good use, or...

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