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Atlanta Speed Dating Guide [Includes 5 Expert Dating Tips!]

Curious about Atlanta speed dating? This short guide includes everything you want to know, like what to expect, how much it costs and more.

And at the end, you’ll get 5 speed dating tips straight from the experts at VIDA Select!

We've helped tens of thousands of singles find their ideal partners since 2009, so we know what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to modern dating.

Let’s jump in with…

What Is Speed Dating In Atlanta Like?

Each event might have a different setup, but the general premise is the same:

First, you’ll pre-register for the event. Registration is typically required to ensure an even number of participants. Paying in advance is the norm, although that’s not always the case. Ticket prices may or may not include the cost of food or alcohol available at the venue.

During the event, you can expect to meet anywhere from 5 to 15+ singles, typically spending anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes with each person. Each time the clock runs out, half of the attendees rotate seats and you get the chance to meet someone new.

Atlanta speed dating couple

Usually women sit at separate tables meant for two people. Each man is paired with a woman, taking a seat across from them. A timer is set and each couple has that length of time to get to know one another. When their time is up, the man moves on to the next table and the timer starts again. 

This process continues until all participants meet, usually over the course of 1 to 2 hours. 

At the end of each speed dating event, you fill out a card to indicate which Atlanta singles you’d like to see again. Whenever the interest is mutual, you “match” - and the event organizer provides contact information.

How Much Does Speed Dating In Atlanta Cost?

Speed dating in Atlanta can cost anywhere from $10 to $60+, depending on the event and whether or not food and beverages are included in the ticket price.

Virtual events are generally less expensive, ranging from free to around $30.

Now let’s take a look at where you can give it a whirl...

Popular Atlanta Speed Dating Venues

There are a number of venues that host dating events, like Divan Restaurant & Bar, Floataway Cafe, IHOP and Pour Taproom.

The easiest way to find upcoming speed dating opportunities is on websites like Eventbrite. Go to the search function and use the keyword “Speed Dating.”

Searching for Atlanta speed dating events

Many of the events you’ll see are organized by companies like MyCheekyDate (aka Speed Atlanta Dating) that offer speed dating events in cities around the world, including Atlanta. 

Revitalize Events is an Atlanta-based event management company that coordinates speed dating sessions around the state. In addition to “general” speed dating, they also coordinate speed dates for single parents, LGBTQ singles and “culture” events for specific groups such as South Asian / Desi singles.

Events & Adventures, a social club that has a branch in Atlanta, periodically hosts mingles and other events. However, membership is required. It typically costs between $150-$200 per month, with a contract required. Check out this Events & Adventures review for more information.

Checking out online reviews for Atlanta speed dating companies is a sound move. You’ll get valuable intel like how the events are structured and how a company handles event cancellations, refunds and other customer service issues.

Now that you know what to expect, how much it costs and where you can find events, it’s time to decide if speed dating is a good way for you to meet Atlanta singles…

Atlanta Speed Dating Pros & Cons

Is speed dating a good way to meet new people in Atlanta or should you consider alternative ways to meet new people? Considering these advantages and disadvantages will help you decide:

Speed Dating Pros

  • It’s budget friendly & cost effective. With many speed dating events in Atlanta clocking in under $50, you can meet 10 to 20 singles for what you might otherwise spend on a traditional date with just one person.
  • Dates are structured. Each mini-date only lasts a handful of minutes, so if you’re not feeling any chemistry you don’t have to worry about how to gracefully end it.
  • Interactions are more meaningful. Being face-to-face in real time typically gives you more revealing insights into a potential match’s personality than you get on a dating app.

Speed Dating Cons

  • It’s timed. Granted, the countdown clock is the whole point. But that aspect can also add an element of anxiety, especially if you find making conversation on first dates a little stressful. 
  • Events might seem disorganized. Common speed dating complaints include events not running smoothly or being canceled at the last minute. Online reviews are a good place to spot a pattern of complaints against a specific speed dating event coordinator.
  • Matching criteria is limited. Most companies that offer speed dating don’t curate attendees beyond a certain age group and/or a shared demographic.

Speed Dating Verdict: Is It Worth Trying?

Checking out a speed dating event in Atlanta can be a fun and effective way to meet someone new. 

It’s also growing in popularity, so much so that even dating apps are incorporating the trend. Bumble launched its speed dating feature in January 2023, and Tinder and The League both offer in-app events to users.

Whether you try it in an app or check out an event, you’ll get more out of speed dating when you invest a little time and effort in making an attractive first impression.

Atlanta Speed Dating Tips

Speed dating and dating apps have one big thing in common: If you want someone’s contact information, you need to make a favorable first impression.

Atlanta singles having coffee

The truth is… speed dating can work! Plenty of Atlanta singles match with people they meet during these events. But speed dating consists of short dates, and a date can be nerve-wracking. Don’t stress – we’ve got you covered. 

Boost your confidence with these Atlanta speed dating tips! 

#1: Be Yourself

Pretending to be someone you’re not just to get a match is not how you want to approach speed dating. A genuine connection goes a long way. In fact, research shows that “being yourself” is one of the most successful dating strategies when it comes to building long-term relationships. 

So be authentic! That’s how you’ll know if someone likes you for you. 

#2: Focus On Each Date

Giving each potential match your undivided attention is crucial because they’ll notice if you’re distracted by something or someone else during the mini-date. Letting your eyes or your mind wander can lead to a bad impression.

You may find yourself thinking ahead to the next question you want to ask instead of being present in the moment while getting to know someone. That’s natural, but something you should try and avoid.

Active listening techniques can help prevent this. As the name implies, all you have to do is actively focus on what your potential match is saying, and ask relevant follow up questions accordingly.

#3: Have Questions Ready

That being said, conversations don’t always flow. Prepping questions ahead of time can speed things along, which is important when you have a limited time to get to know someone. 

Some speed dating event hosts provide Icebreaker questions, but it’s good to have a backup plan if they don’t. 

Here are a few questions to get the conversational ball rolling during a speed date: 

  • What is your dream job?
  • What song can you listen to on repeat?
  • If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go? 
  • What’s your top Netflix recommendation?
  • Mountains or beaches?

As the conversation flows, feel free to add follow-up questions to connect with your date on a deeper level. This is the best time to discuss lifestyles and ambitions.

  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t had time for yet?
  • What’s your favorite way to celebrate a birthday? 
  • What do you want your life to look like in 10 years?

A good speed dating question should be interesting to talk about, but not a head-scratcher that takes too long to answer. Insightful but quick is the way to go here, and what you learn can help you decide if you want to pursue a match with someone.

#4: Prioritize Questions That Matter To You 

You’ll soon realize just how quickly time flies during each mini-date. Keeping an eye on the clock is important, and it allows you to prioritize the questions that help you determine compatibility. 

#5: Don’t Wait For Your Matches To Make The First Move

Depending on the venue, you may receive your list of mutual matches right away or within a few days of the event. These are singles you indicated you wanted to meet again who also felt the same way about you.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for them to reach out. Capitalize on the spark and contact them to suggest a second date.

Struggling To Meet Quality Atlanta Singles?

Atlanta cracked the top 10 in WalletHub’s list of best cities for singles in 2022. But that doesn’t mean meeting people you’d actually want to date is magically any easier. Speed dating is an entertaining and relatively inexpensive way to meet new people, but it’s not your only option for dating in Atlanta.

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