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Bespoke Matchmaking Review [Best Toronto Matchmaker For Gay Singles?]

Specializing in finding love for LGBTQ+ singles, Bespoke Matchmaking is based in Toronto and has a presence in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. But you’re looking for Bespoke Matchmaking reviews, so you’re probably wondering if they’re the best service for you.

Our team of dating experts has over 14 years of matchmaking experience, so we know exactly what singles are looking for in a service.

We’ve written 200+ matchmaker reviews, diving deep into success rates, client experiences, cost, and more.

Keep reading to decide if Bespoke Matchmaking is the right gay matchmaking service for you!

Meet Executive Matchmaker Carol Sugar-Burke

Bespoke Matchmaking executive matchmaker Carol Sugar-Burke

An executive matchmaker at Bespoke Matchmaking, Carol Sugar-Burke studied business and psychology at the University of Toronto. 

She worked for several large corporations before becoming a professional matchmaker, although she had already started to build a reputation for talent at pairing her single coworkers and friends.

Before joining the Bespoke team, she worked for another dating agency that serviced the LGBTQ+ community to gain experience. 

You’ll find Carol Sugar-Burke’s dating and relationship advice in an “Ask The Expert” section in GO Mag, where she answers questions that are posed to her by singles. 

For example, one dater asked for tips on how to confidently approach someone she is interested in. As the question writer explained, she has a “great career” and a “wonderful life”, but gets shy around a woman she finds attractive and walks away. 

Sugar-Burke advises singles in this position to shift their mindset to take a little pressure out of the situation: 

“When you approach someone don’t look at it as they are going to evaluate you to see if you measure up but; look at it as you are evaluating them to see if they measure up to your requirements. You made eye contact; the attraction is there; don’t use your shyness as a weakness but be upfront and let them know you are shy from the get go. This can be an alluring attractive trait if you are upfront about it.”

What To Expect If You Sign Up With Bespoke Matchmaking

Bespoke Matchmaking homepage

In an interview with MarketWatch, Sugar-Burke says she understands how challenging dating can be for the LGBTQ community.

“Finding a safe place to meet a potential partner that shares the same life goals and objectives is hard enough for the heterosexual community, let alone the LGBTQ community. Being able to share and talk about what is most important to you without having to hide who you are is a big step in the right direction.”

Focusing exclusively on LGBTQ singles, Bespoke Matchmaking offers two services: gay matchmaking and lesbian matchmaking.

For potential clients, the first step is filling out a short inquiry form on the website, or calling directly to schedule an initial consultation,

The next step is a complimentary call with the executive matchmaker. According to the Bespoke Matchmaking website, this call can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. During this consultation, you’ll describe a little about yourself, your lifestyle, and your relationship goals and matchmaking criteria.

One of the goals of this initial consultation is to determine if you’re a good fit for the matchmaking service, and vice versa. If you decide to move forward and purchase a matchmaking package, you’ll be paired with the personal matchmaker you’ll work with throughout the duration.

Once you’ve purchased a service package, you may also take a personality assessment and receive relationship counseling before being set up on dates. 

You’ll be meeting matches sourced from their network of gay and lesbian singles. After each introduction, clients are encouraged to provide feedback on how it went to their matchmaker.

Next, let’s take a look at what former clients are saying about their experience with this LGBTQ matchmaker!

Bespoke Matchmaking Reviews

Bespoke Matchmaking has a 3-star rating on its Google Business profile, based on 2 reviews.

3.0 star rating for Bespoke Matchmaking on Google

The most recent review was from someone who claimed to have tried the service when it was operating under another name:

1-star Google review for Bespoke Matchmaking

The other Bespoke Matchmaking google review was 5 stars:

5-star review for Bespoke Matchmaking on Google

On Trustpilot, Bespoke Matchmaking has a 3.2-star rating out of a possible 5 stars.

3.2 Trustpilot star rating for Bespoke Matchmaking

The rating was based on a single 1-star review:

1-star Bespoke Matchmaking review on Trustpilot

In the review, which was quite lengthy, the former client went on to describe their experience with this LGBTQ matchmaking service:

1-star Trustpilot Bespoke Matchmaking review

On Yelp, Bespoke Matchmaking has a 1-star rating based on 2 reviews.

1-star Yelp review for Bespoke Matchmaking

Both reviewers had what they described as a negative experience:

1-star review for Bespoke Matchmaking on Yelp
1-star Yelp review for Bespoke Matchmaking

On Yably, Bespoke Matchmaking has a 3.4-star rating based on one review:

1-star Yably review for Bespoke Matchmaking

Bespoke Matchmaking has a profile listed with the Better Business Bureau, however it has not yet been rated and has no reviews or complaints listed.

Online reviews can give you helpful insights into the customer experience, and you can use them as inspiration to formulate questions to ask during your initial consultation. 

(Want a short insider’s list of crucial questions to ask any service you’re considering hiring? Read our Guide To Hiring A Matchmaker next!)

And finally, let’s talk numbers.

Bespoke Matchmaking Cost

Like many dating services, Bespoke Matchmaking doesn’t mention pricing on their website. To get an idea of what you may expect to spend, let’s take a look at what other matchmakers who offer service to LGBTQ singles charge!

Bespoke Matchmaking is based in Toronto, so let’s start our price comparison with another Toronto-based service

Helmed by former sex educator Claire AH, Friend Of A Friend Matchmaking caters to clients of all demographics, including the LGBTQ+ community in the GTA, Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington, and Ottawa. 

Matchmaking packages start around $750 CDN and range over $17,000 CDN for the elite service options.

Tawkify is a service that operates in major cities around North America, like Toronto, San Francisco, LA, and New York. This dating agency works with clients from all demographics. 

Matchmaking packages start around $4,000 and can cost over $70,000, depending on what type of service you want and how many matches you’d like to meet.

VIDA Select also caters to a wide range of clients, including matchmaking service for LGBTQ+ singles in major cities around the world. 

With VIDA, there are no long-term, multi-month contracts. Instead, clients purchase packages on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Monthly packages start at $1,195 for Basic service. Premium options begin at just $1,795 per month, and Elite packages start at only $2,595 per month. 

The final package cost highly aligns with the number of hours your dedicated matchmaker will spend on your search each month. 

VIDA’s matchmakers leverage the largest source of LGBTQ singles there is, and the average client meets someone special within only 3 months of starting service.

Learn more about how VIDA can find your ideal partner, too. Just go here!

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