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8 Best Billionaire Matchmaker Services [2024 Top List!]

There are hundreds of matchmaking services out there, but not all of them specialize in helping high-net-worth singles find love. That’s why you’re looking for the best billionaire matchmaker services, right?

If you value discretion and want a highly customized matchmaking experience, these 8 billionaire matchmakers are worthy of your short list.

What makes us so sure? Our team of experts have reviewed more than 200 matchmakers, diving deep into their processes, cost, client experiences, and more. 

We’ve been in the industry since 2009, so we know from firsthand experience what clients value most in a high net worth matchmaker.

Let’s get started with…


Enamour website

Working exclusively with affluent, discerning, and accomplished clients, the Enamour team has been in the industry since 2009. The service helps singles in major cities around the world, specializing in international searches for exceptional candidates.

Cost & Contract 

Packages begin around $20,000 for a 6-month search, and can be tailored to fit each client's specific requirements. 

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker

This luxury matchmaking service is just as selective about who they take on as a client as they are about who they match you with. That’s why the process for both clients and match candidates starts with a complimentary screening interview. 

If you’re accepted as a client, you’ll be paired with a dedicated personal matchmaker. She’ll get to know all about you, your lifestyle, and your ideal partner criteria during your preliminary interview.

With the information she gathers, she’ll use a combination of relationship psychology, intuition, and AI to select highly compatible matches from within Enamour’s ultra-exclusive, invite-only database. 

But that’s not where the search ends. The Enamour team also uses an extensive network of scouts as well as recruiting technology to identify potential candidates from a wide variety of sources, both offline and online.

All candidates are thoroughly vetted, including an in-depth screening interview which takes place in person or via video call. Using the utmost discretion, your matchmaker will carefully evaluate each potential match, asking questions aimed at getting to the heart of long-term compatibility.

A bio and photo array of candidates who pass the screening will be presented to you for approval, at which point you can decide to accept or decline the match. Dates can be arranged for you, and after each introduction your matchmaker will check in with both you and your match to gather valuable feedback. 

Enamour also offers a range of services designed to complement the process, including personal styling, image consulting, dating and life coaching, and professional photography.

VIDA Select (by Scott Valdez)

VIDA Select matchmaking

Founded in 2009 by Scott Valdez, VIDA Select is also a global service that specializes in helping highly accomplished, professional singles find love. 

Cost & Contract 

VIDA Select offers an array of monthly packages across 3 levels of service. Elite matchmaking begins at $2595 per month. The pricing structure reflects the number of hours your matchmaker will need to devote to your search, given factors such as the number of cities you’d like included and the specificity of your criteria.

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker  

As with most high net worth matchmakers, the VIDA team is selective about who is accepted as a client. Prospective clients undergo a screening process, with an invitation to book a consultation extended to those who pass.

During this initial call, you’ll learn how this modern matchmaking service works. After coming on board as a client, you’ll be paired with a dedicated matchmaker who will be with you throughout your membership.

She’ll get to know all about you and your ideal partner criteria, asking insightful questions that will help her curate your potential matches. 

Then, using a blend of traditional matchmaking and cutting-edge tech, VIDA's matchmakers tap into the most extensive pool of high-quality singles there is and pinpoint compatible potential matches. 

You have full control over who you meet, with the ability to accept or pass on each potential match after reviewing their profile and photos.

VIDA also offers a range of services to help clients make the best possible first impression, including personal styling, dating coaching, and professional photography.

Cinqe (by Erica Arrechea & Melissa Lapchuk) 

Cinqe Matchmaking homepage

Originally founded as Love Love International by matchmakers Erica Arrechea and Melissa Lapchuk, Cinqe rebranded in 2016. This billionaire matchmaking service is headquartered in San Francisco and helps clients in select cities around the world. 

Cost & Contract 

Matchmaking packages range anywhere from $35,000 to over $200,000, with the final cost based on each client’s requirements. Contracts typically start at 6 months.

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker

Prospective clients can submit an online inquiry, which will be followed by a preliminary call to understand your ideal match profile and dating goals. It's not uncommon for potential clients to interact with up to 3 matchmakers before the final decision is made on moving to the next step of the process. 

If the Cinqe team thinks they can help you meet compatible matches, a video meeting is arranged. In this meeting, you're introduced to a handful of potential matches and some team members. 

If there's a mutual agreement to go ahead, you'll receive a formal invitation to sign a contract that outlines membership services and pricing details. As a paying client, you'll have weekly discussions with your matchmaker to review progress. 

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Kelleher International (by Jill Kelleher)

Kelleher International

Jill Kelleher first stepped into the industry not as a matchmaker, but as a photographer for a singles organization. This experience led her to open billionaire matchmaking service Kelleher International in San Francisco in 1986. 

These days, Kelleher International helps singles in select cities around the world. 

Cost & Contract

Package cost depends on what type of search you want. 

A local search starts at $30,000 while a national search starts at $45,000. There is also an international package, which ranges from $150,000 to over $300,000. Contracts typically span 1 to 3 years and include up to 12 months of hold time.

Clients generally meet between 8 and 13 matches during a contract period.

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker

High net worth matchmakers are typically selective, and Kelleher International is no exception. All potential clients will go through an initial screening process. The next step involves a primary consultation, during which you'll outline your match criteria, expectations, and so forth.

If you decide to move forward with the service, you'll be paired with potential matches from Kelleher's database of approximately 50,000 singles. Searches typically also include proactive scouting, with your matchmaker utilizing a network to identify candidates from other sources as well. 

Once a match has been identified, both parties receive details and a description of the other. If there's mutual interest in meeting, you’ll arrange the date. After the date, you'll get a chance to discuss your experience with your matchmaker, providing vital feedback on how you think things went. 

Hamilton Rigg (by Olivia Rigg)

Hamilton Rigg logo

Prior to launching her own venture, Olivia Rigg garnered four years of experience in another London-based matchmaking service. In 2021, she established Hamilton Rigg, located in the West End of London. Rigg works exclusively with men as paying clients.

Cost & Contract 

Matchmaking packages at Hamilton Rigg generally start in the five-figure range. The final price depends on the extent of your search, your match preferences, etc. 

The duration of the matchmaking contract can vary but it typically begins with a membership period of at least 6 months.

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker  

The process of becoming a Hamilton Rigg client also begins with a screening process. A boutique matchmaker, Rigg limits her active client roster to between 12 and 20 men. 

The first step is typically a video call with a team member, followed by a conversation with Rigg herself before entering into a matchmaking agreement.

Once you're on board as a client, the matchmaking process kicks off with your dedicated matchmaker learning more about you and your lifestyle. This typically includes a Zoom call with Rigg where she’ll gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for. 

When a potential match is located, you’ll review a profile. Once this introduction is made, the matchmakers take a step back, leaving it up to you to arrange the date.

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Exclusive Introductions (by Gina Hendrix)

Gina Hendrix matchmaking

This former celebrity stylist established Exclusive Introductions in 2008. Based in Los Angeles, Gina Hendrix works exclusively with men as paying clients, typically high-profile bachelors and affluent singles from around the world.

Cost & Contract 

Exclusive Introductions does not divulge its matchmaking fees on their website, but according to Hendrix the price frequently exceeds $100,000 annually. Contracts typically span 1 to 2 years, and are customized to each client, based on match criteria, search parameters, and other factors.

Women can join the database at no cost as long as they pass the screening process. 

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker

Another boutique billionaire matchmaker, Hendrix typically works with just 8 to 10 clients concurrently. Her screening process is extensive, often requiring multiple interactions, including a visit to your home, before she extends a contract.

Depending on your package, you’ll be paired with women from her database or who have been scouted on your behalf. 

When presenting a potential match, Hendrix shares photos with both parties. However, identifying information such as full names and contact information is kept confidential. 

Dates are arranged on your behalf, and you’ll typically meet at least 8 women through the service throughout your contract period.

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Serious Matchmaking (by Janis Spindel)

Serious Matchmaking

One of New York City's most established millionaire matchmakers, Janis Spindel opened Serious Matchmaking in 1993. Her daughter, Carly, following in her footsteps, joined the team in 2009 as the VP. 

Over the years, the Spindels have expanded their services to cater to clients on an international scale. Serious Matchmaking typically only takes on men as paying clients.

Cost & Contract  

Package pricing depends on whether you work with Janis Spindel, Carly Spindel, or both of them. Prices range anywhere from $25,000 to over $1,000,000. Contracts span 12 months, during which time you’ll meet a minimum of 12 matches.

Serious Matchmaking also requires an initial signing fee that begins at $65,000. Should you establish a relationship with one of the matches they sourced for you, the same amount will be due as a finder’s fee. 

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker

Serious Matchmaking screens both potential clients and the women who apply to be in the database. As a prospective client, you’ll start by meeting one or both of the Spindels, often over a meal. 

These initial meet and greets are essentially a "simulated date,” so they can start to get to know you. Subsequently, they arrange a home visit to ensure you’re ready for a relationship.

If the Spindels feel like you'd be a good fit for Serious Matchmaking, they'll discuss the different membership choices and your package will be customized according to your criteria. Next, you'll sign a matchmaking agreement and the search begins.

You’ll be introduced to women selected from the Serious Matchmaking database or scouted on your behalf. 

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Exclusive Matchmaking (by Susan Trombetti)

Exclusive Matchmaking website homepage

A former fraud investigator, Susan Trombetti launched her billionaire matchmaking service in 2011. Based in Maryland, she works with affluent men in select cities across the US and internationally as well. 

Cost & Contract 

Matchmaking packages typically range from $25,000 to over $250,000. In addition to matchmaking, Trombetti offers an “Investigate Your Date” package that can be purchased separately. 

What To Expect From This Billionaire Matchmaker

Before you can sign up as an Exclusive Matchmaking client, you'll need to first have an initial consultation. During this meeting, you'll share your future relationship goals and the qualities you're looking for in an ideal partner. They will also review the available matchmaking packages and their specifics.

If the decision to work together is mutual, you will sign up as either a matchmaking client, a coaching client, or a blend of both.

To work directly with Trombetti, you'll have to opt for the VIP service level. She only works with a limited number of clients at any given time.

As a client, you’ll be meeting women sourced from the Exclusive Introductions database or via scouting done on your behalf.

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