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Bumble Best Bees Explained: What They Are & How They Work!

The Bumble Best Bees feature is a shortcut to the people the app’s algorithm has identified as your very best matches. 

Similar to Hinge’s Most Compatible, Tinder’s Top Picks, and OkCupid's Cupid Picks, Best Bees is a tailored feed that the app’s developers promise will make finding compatible connections faster.

Best Bees on Bumble

But does it actually work in practice? Our team of experts weighs in! We’ve been using Bumble daily since it launched back in 2014, optimizing profiles, swiping, and messaging on behalf of the thousands of clients we represent on dating apps. 

That’s hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world, first hand experience - it’s safe to say we know Bumble inside and out!

Keep reading to find out exactly how the feature works, who can use it, how much it costs, and more. At the end, you’ll also get 3 expert tips on how to get the most out of the Best Bees feature, so stick around for those if you want more Bumble dates!

Let’s dive in!

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How Does Bumble Best Bees Work?

Best Bees is a feature you can use while swiping in Date Mode. It’s a curated feed of up to 4 profiles that changes daily, chosen for you based on your previous matches and stated preferences. 

To see your Best Bees in Bumble, tap on the diamond icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Bumble Best Bees diamond icon in menu bar

You’ll be presented with a handful of photos in a carousel, and you can tap on the photo to bring up the full profile. 

For each Best Bee, you have the option to send a like or pass by choosing “Not for me”.

Bumble Best Bees profile example

Just like when you’re swiping through your usual profile feed, a mutual like will result in a Bumble match. But when you’re using the Best Bees feature - there’s a catch:

You only get one Best Bees like a week for free. Your free like is a ‘use it or lose it’ situation. An unused like does not roll over to the next week.

Can’t remember if you’ve sent your free Best Bees like yet? Check out the diamond icon at the top right while you’re using the feature:

Best Bees Likes Counter

If you want the ability to like more than one Best Bee each week, you’ll need to upgrade to Bumble Premium.

How Much Does Best Bees Cost?

The Best Bees feature is free to all users, but you’ll only be able to send one like per week. 

To unlock unlimited Best Bees likes, you’ll need the Bumble Premium upgrade.

Bumble Premium costs anywhere from around $27.99 for 1 week, $54.99 for 1 month, or $109.99 for 3 months. Costs may vary slightly depending on your market.

Want a full run-down on all the perks you get when you upgrade? Check out our Bumble Premium review!

Why Can’t I See My Best Bees In Bumble?

There are 2 reasons you may not see any Best Bees profiles:

#1: It’s not available in your area yet. The Bumble Best Bees feature launched in early 2023, but it has not yet been rolled out in all markets. 

#2: You haven’t had any matches on Bumble yet. The algorithm evaluates past matches when choosing which profiles to showcase, so if you’re still waiting for your first Bumble match the feature won’t be available to you yet.

And if you want your profile to be visible as a Best Bee, don’t swipe in Incognito Mode! When you’re going Incognito, your profile will not be shown as a potential curated match to anyone else.

3 Ways To Make Your Bumble Profile Buzzworthy

The Best Bees feature promises to deliver your most compatible Bumble matches straight to you, no endless swiping required. But what it can’t do is make them “like” your profile. 

And remember, unless someone pays for Bumble Premium, they’ve only got one free like at their disposal per week - so users are going to be uber-selective about who gets it.

To get more Bumble dates using the Best Bees feature, you need a profile that makes sending that like a no-brainer. 

#1: Don’t hide your eyes in your primary pic.

Your primary profile photo has a big job, because it’s essentially all that’s driving her to check out the rest of your profile when it pops up as a Best Bee. The only other information displayed in the carousel is your first name and your age.

Bumble Best Bees carousel card

Eye contact with the camera (and by extension, with her, as she’s looking at your photo) sets the foundation for that feeling of connection. Don’t squander that opportunity by choosing a primary pic where you’re hiding your eyes or looking away from the camera.

There are other benefits as well - eye contact radiates confidence, and it also builds trust. 

#2: Make the right kind of statement.

The key to attracting quality matches on Bumble is looking like a quality match yourself - and that means a poorly lit, blurry, or otherwise shabby primary photo is not going to cut it. 

But dating apps are competitive, especially for men, so you need to get more strategic than just choosing a crystal clear, well-lit image where you look good.

You also need a primary photo that makes a statement. Start by putting some thought into what type of people you want to meet on the app. If fitness is an important quality in a match, choose a primary photo that implies you live an active lifestyle, like you out on a hike.  

#3: Share a few interests.

Choosing a few interest badges to add to your Bumble profile is one the quickest and easiest ways to instantly add depth to your profile.

Example of interest badges on Bumble

For guys, this is even more important because only she can send the first message. Those interest badges make for automatic conversation starters, and the easier you make it for her to reach out to you the higher the odds she will.

Want Better Dates, Without All The Work?

Checking out your daily Best Bees is a perfect way to zero in on your most compatible Bumble matches, but there’s still a long road between sending that like and meeting face to face. 

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