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Connecticut Dating Reviews - Best Stamford Matchmaker For You?

Editor's Note: The website for Connecticut Dating no longer appears operational. Check out these top Connecticut matchmakers instead!

Connecticut Dating reviews

Wondering if this Stamford matchmaker has what it takes to find your soulmate?

Doing your research before hiring any kind of personal service is a smart move, especially when it’s your love life on the line. These Connecticut Dating reviews have all the details you’re seeking, from cost to actual customer experience!

Let's start with a look at the bigger picture:

Who Owns Connecticut Dating?

This matchmaking service is part of a network of matchmaking sites operated by the same marketing company. Others include Boston Matchmakers and DC Singles, and there are many more.

All of them share the same general matchmaking process. In order to learn specifics about how their service works, you either need to call them directly or fill out this short questionnaire on the website:

Matchmaking contact form

But before you hand over your phone number, email, and other personal info, you may want to check out what “we respect your privacy” actually means by perusing their Privacy Policy.

When’s the last time you read one of those though?

What Happens To Your Contact Info

Not only are you agreeing to receive targeted banner ads on sites like Facebook, you’re also exempting Connecticut Dating (and the third parties they’re affiliated with) from the Telemarketing Sales Rule:

Connecticut Dating privacy policy

But wait, there’s more!

These “third parties” include direct marketing companies, and you’re authorizing them to contact you:

privacy policy

It all boils down to sales leads. Connecticut Dating likely sells your personal information to third parties. Which means they’re probably already making money off of you starting the second you hit “Complete”.

If you do decide to share your contact info, you’ll then get the opportunity to divulge even more personal details that your matchmaker will need to start her search for suitable matches:

Connecticut Dating matchmaking questions

Or, you can save that level of detail for when she calls you.

She’ll get to know you a bit over the phone, but the main purpose of the call is to schedule the initial consultation. It takes place at their office: 1010 Washington Blvd., Suite 102 Stamford, CT 06901.

All the important details are discussed in person during the sales pitch, like how much a Connecticut Dating membership will cost, what your package options are, and what their refund policy is.

Connecticut Dating Cost

You’re likely looking at Connecticut Dating reviews in part because cost isn’t mentioned anywhere on their website, and that’s a big factor for most singles seeking to hire a matchmaking service.

The price tag varies per client. It’s dependent on things like the state of your credit and finances, promotions that are running at the time, and how long you want your membership to last.

Not having set pricing generally means you have a little wiggle room to negotiate. Although that also means you’ll likely find yourself face to face with someone who’s very good at sales.

But for planning purposes, you can safely expect to spend between $3,000 and $7,000 for their services. That’s the most common amount cited in Connecticut Dating BBB complaints.

If you decide to hire this Ct dating service, you’ll sign a contract and either pay the membership fee up front, or agree to a monthly payment plan.

Make sure you fully understand what you’re signing. Their matchmaking fee is non-refundable unless you cancel your membership within 3 business days of signing up.

For instance, the fine print notes that while they do attempt to find matches that fit all your “must haves”, you may meet Connecticut singles who fall a little short of your ideal partner criteria.

The company explained the policy in this response to a BBB complaint:

Connecticut Dating matching policy

On that note, what have real customers written about their Connecticut Dating experience?

Keep reading for Connecticut Dating reviews from real clients! Plus learn about another modern matchmaking service that could turn out to be the perfect way to finally meet your soulmate.

Authentic Connecticut Dating Reviews

You’ve already seen a few references to Better Business Bureau complaints. Currently there are 8. The company has an "F" rating.

Complaints included low-quality matches and the lack of details in the member profiles:

Connecticut Dating BBB reviews

Another member wasn’t happy with the high pressure sales tactics that ultimately convinced her to sign up. She also didn't like the lack of matches she experienced during the course of her contract:

connecticut dating bbb

“Lack of matches” was a common theme:

connecticut dating complaints bbb
bbb complaint for connecticut dating

Connecticut Dating Yelp Reviews

On Yelp, Connecticut Dating has a 1-star rating, based on a single review.

In it, the client said he had attempted to cancel his membership by following the procedure outlined in the contract. But he had yet to receive his refund:

Connecticut dating yelp reviews

On RipOff Report, a client described the high-pressure, emotional sales pitch she experienced. She also felt the service promised was not what was delivered:

rip off report connecticut dating

There was one bright spot in the sea of Connecticut Dating reviews, though. A Google reviewer gave it 5 stars, but didn’t provide any other information:

connecticut dating google review

Granted internet reviews should always be approached with a grain of salt. But if it’s hard to find positive ones, you may want to proceed cautiously before signing a contract.

The No-Risk Way To Meet High Quality Connecticut Singles

If the thought of combining a lack of positive reviews with a lengthy contract gives you pause, maybe you should consider a matchmaking service that allows you to pay by the month?

With VIDA Select, there are no long-term contracts that leave you with little legal recourse if the matchmaking service isn’t giving you the results you’d hoped for.

Instead, you can pay each month, with the flexibility to start or stop the search whenever you want to!

The average VIDA client is in a serious relationship within 2 or 3 short months, which isn’t surprising given VIDA’s matchmakers have access to the single largest pool of Connecticut singles that you’ll find anywhere.

And since you have the power to pre-approve every single match, you won’t be wasting energy, time, and money on dates with low-quality matches.

No more settling! You get dates with high-quality people who check every box.

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