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Sameera Sullivan Matchmaking Reviews [2024 Cost & Process!]

Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers

A former national executive recruiter in the air/space/naval industry, Sameera Sullivan is no stranger to the art of matching people with their dream jobs. But do those skills translate when it comes to matters of the heart?

Our team of experts has reviewed over 200 matchmakers, delving deep into their services, success rates, and customer experiences. Our reviews are built on our own 14+ years of industry experience, extensive research, and a keen understanding of the matchmaking industry and what clients value most in a service.

These Sameera Sullivan reviews should help you decide if this is the best elite matchmaker for you!

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Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers review

Sullivan's dating service was initially called Lasting Connections back when it was founded in 2012. She has since rebranded as Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers.

It is headquartered in Houston, Texas with branch offices in Dallas, New York, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Northern & Southern California. Sullivan has a strong presence in Scottsdale, Texas and NYC, as she spends her winters in Arizona and splits the rest of her time between New York and Houston.

Sullivan specializes in matchmaking for “high net worth individuals.” She only personally works with 10 clients per year.

As she explained in an interview,

I’m more of a search agency than just a matchmaker. I only take a handful of clients each quarter because it’s such a personalized process.

Members of her matchmaking team each work with 4 to 6 clients at a time.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Sameera Sullivan?

Women can join Sullivan's matchmaking database as free or priority members by filling out an internet form and submitting a photo.

lasting connections join the database

Priority members can pay a one-time fee and will be considered for matching with paying clients before free members.

Priority members will also have an hour-long interview with a matchmaker, and can attend members-only mixer events.

Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers also offers Virtual Matchmaking Consulting Silver & Gold packages. The silver option means you’re automatically placed into her singles database, go through an initial personality assessment, dating coaching, professional photography, and post-date feedback.

For those who purchase the Gold package, they’ll get everything in silver plus image consulting and recruit potential matches.

Services for women range from $500 to $25,000 depending on your level of service.

Men join as paying clients, with the package price paid up front. Memberships start at $25,000 and run north of $500,000 for a year's worth of matchmaking services and 6 months of "freeze" time. Freeze time can be used to pause the search to explore a promising relationship.

Pricing varies depending on what type of matchmaking service you’re looking for, how difficult it may be to find someone matching your criteria, and how many cities you’d like to date in. Sullivan offers single city searches, as well as regional, coastal, national, and international ones.

You'll be matched with free and priority members in the database, or with women the scouting team has actively recruited. Scouts approach potential matches at local events, sports games, galas, etc., as well as via their own social networks. Her team has also been known to cold call people! However most singles find her online, via PR outreach, and her referral network of hundreds of recruiters.

When a compatible match is identified, you'll review photos and other detailed information. If you're interested, some information will be shared with the match. Confidentiality is important, but Sullivan doesn't send her clients on blind dates!

Sameera Sullivan Reviews

Although they’ve gotten quite a bit of media attention, you won’t find many online reviews of Lasting Connections or Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers. Her Google business ratings are positive and clients seem to be satisfied.

Sullivan’s matchmaking process seems to be working well for her. And if her services don’t qualify as “budget busting” for you, she could be worth investigating further.

But if having to put down a significant chunk of change before knowing whether or not you like her matchmaking style gives you pause, you may want to consider a dating service that offers a little more flexibility - at a more affordable price.

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