No Matches On Hinge? Get More Likes In 5 Simple Steps!

Is checking Hinge leaving you feeling cold and alone?

Don’t worry – whether you’ve got no matches on Hinge or you’re not matching with the people you consider true “relationship material,” all that’s about to change.

No Hinge Matches

Follow these 5 simple steps to improve your Hinge profile and you’ll be scheduling dates with incredible, attractive singles in no time!

Let’s start with the most likely culprit – your photos.

#1 – Set The Right Mood

As with most dating apps, your primary photo is the bread & butter of your profile. It’s the very first thing she sees, and it sets the mood for how she’ll judge everything that follows.

Hinge photo mistake

Ideally, she’ll invest one of those 10 daily likes and tap that green heart icon right away.

For that to happen, you need to come out of the gate with a perfect Hinge photo. Salvation has come from an unlikely source – a team of European neuroscientists.

And while they used high-tech tools to determine why some Tinder photos were rated more desirable than others, what’s attractive on Tinder will be just as hot on Hinge:

perfect dating photo

#2 – Show Some Variety

When it comes to your other 5 Hinge photos, you want to give her a glimpse of the interesting, multi-faceted guy you are.

If she isn’t immediately sold on your first photo, the others need to seal the deal.

Per Hinge’s internal data, some types of photos get more “likes” than others.

Here are the 3 most popular Hinge photos:

  1. Participating in sports
  2. Enjoying a night out
  3. Showing your smile

Here are the 3 least popular Hinge photos:

  1. Posing with a (possible) significant other
  2. Using Snapchat filters
  3. Wearing sunglasses

And when it comes to selfies, it’s best not to include many. Selfies are 40% less likely to receive a like, and that more than doubles if the selfie was taken in your bathroom.

Hinge mistake example

Not only will selfies make you seem narcissistic and less likeable (ouch), they likely won’t entice her to send a comment – simply because there’s usually not much else going on in the frame.

boring Hinge photos

See how dull and repetitive a line up like the real-life example above is?

And while the naked bathroom mirror torso shot technically adds variety, that mistake won’t help rectify your “no Hinge matches” situation.

If you want to showcase your 6-pack, do it in a more attractive – and natural – environment, like hanging out at the lake or the beach.

Hinge allows you to upload a short videos in lieu of a photo, and that can be a great way to add some variety to your lineup and give her a taste of your personality.

Here are 5 Hinge video tips:

  1. Smile! Smiles literally are contagious, your mom didn’t just make that up. People tend to subconsciously mirror whatever emotions they think someone else is experiencing – so if you’re smiling, she feels happier as well. And if you’re frowning, or getting your angst on, she’s going to pick up on that too.
  2. Take it outside. Natural lighting is your best friend when it comes to looking your best. Indoor lighting conditions just aren’t as flattering – especially if the light source is a fluorescent bulb.
  3. Highlight a hobby. This is a great way to subtly let her know you’re 100% boyfriend material. Show off your a DIY project (He’s handy to have around the house!) or your latest culinary creation (I can’t wait to try that!)
  4. Mind the background. Before uploading a video, make sure everything in the frame makes a good impression.
  5. Make strong eye contact with the camera. You want her to feel an immediate connection, because that’s part of what makes sparks fly. Eye contact, especially in a moving image, is a great way to do that.

#3 – Choose Photos That Start Conversations

Hinge profiles are specifically designed to encourage interaction, so when she “likes” your photo, she can send a comment along with it.

That’s a handy feature, because now you don’t need an icebreaker – the conversation has already started!

great hinge picture

Puppies are dating app gold, as are photos of intriguing trips, interesting hobbies, and adventurous activities.

Basically anything that peaks her interest and encourages questions like “where was that taken?” or “how long have you been kitesurfing?”

Want even more Hinge photo advice? Check out this article!

#4 – Serve Up The Right Prompts

You’re limited to selecting 3 Hinge questions from a menu of 80+, and some are much better options. The best Hinge answers highlight at least one intriguing trait of yours.

Others, not so much:

hinge mistake examples

Negativity tends to ripple through your entire profile, so one poor answer can derail the attraction train.

Scribble down a list of the qualities you bring to the table in terms of ‘relationship material’. It could be anything from your DIY skills to your stable career to your fitness level.

Now choose Hinge prompts that let you highlight those attractive traits. The key to success here is doing it in a natural, casual way that doesn’t sound like you’re bragging.

Here are 2 examples of great answers to Hinge questions:


good hinge question example

In this example, “doctor” is used – but you could swap in just about any occupation, like entrepreneur, exec or consultant.

And if you’re not into music, that’s fine – substitute whatever hobby you are into, like “I would be opening the world’s first cajun/Italian fusion restaurant by now.”

It’s a funny way to highlight both a great career and an interesting hobby, so this Hinge answer is doing double duty.


good hinge answer example

The formula for this one is simple – choose something you’re interested in that you hope to have in common with your perfect match.

It could be anything from a delicious food like sushi to an adventurous hobby like wakeboarding or kitesurfing, i.e. “As a no good scuba diving addict.”

Then choose something it’s common to be terrible at, like karaoke, cooking or playing the piano. Don’t choose something that could be perceived as an actual flaw if you’re bad at it, like “terrible at paying the rent.”

Next, add a specific example of something you’re really good at, like “great at grilling salmon steaks” – and you’re done!

It’s best to avoid the Hinge questions that lend themselves to negative answers, like your pet peeves.

This is her very first impression of you, so why hand her a list of things that annoy you?

bad hinge answer

Letting her know you’re prone to Hulk out if you’re trapped in the fast lane by a slow driver doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun guy to be around.’

Here are 5 more things to avoid doing in your Hinge profile:

  1. Repeating yourself. You’ve got limited real estate, so don’t mention the same things twice.
  2. Hinting at past drama. Don’t mention a previous relationship in your profile – it implies you’re not quite over it yet.
  3. Making grammar/spelling mistakes. They really stand out – and it’s a huge turnoff (worse than bad-sex-level turnoff!).
  4. Making her nervous. If your answers send up red flags in her brain, she’s not going to “like” your profile, much less agree to meet you. Things like drugs, violence and weapons in basically any context are all taboo on a dating app like Hinge.
  5. Wasting space. All your answers need to contribute something to the overall image she’s building of you in her imagination. Don’t give a non-answer like one of these:
hinge profile mistakes

To make sure you’re not making any other common Hinge mistakes, check out this article.

#5 – Double Check Your Match Preferences

Once you’ve polished up your Hinge profile, take a quick look at how your match filters are set. Make sure you’re not limiting yourself too much, especially if you’re living somewhere there aren’t a lot of other users.

Hinge allows you to make any of the preferences you set a “dealbreaker,” meaning you won’t see any profiles of people who fall into that category.

Hinge filter

And while that’s a great way to screen for important compatibility issues like kids, does it really matter if she’s between 5’7” and 5’9” and no more than 4 miles away?

When you don’t specify a filter as a dealbreaker, you may see a few profiles that don’t match that particular preference, but whom the app feels are otherwise a good match for you.

The Fastest (And Easiest) Way To Get More Hinge Dates

You’ve just read 5 actionable steps you can use to optimize your entire Hinge profile. Time to get to work!

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