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Tinder Relationship Goals Explained [How To Get Better Matches!]

In an effort to add a layer of transparency to online dating, Tinder launched the Relationship Goals feature in late 2022. Now users can share what they’re on the app hoping to find, with the idea being that insight will help singles be more intentional about who they match with. 

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Keep reading to learn exactly how the feature works and how to optimize your profile to attract more like-minded matches!

Let’s start with how to use this Tinder feature...

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How Relationship Goals Works On Tinder

Providing clarity around your relationship goals will help you make connections with singles who are looking for the same thing.

Many dating apps have already incorporated a way to share this information with potential matches, like Hinge’s “Dating Intentions” and “Relationship Type” badges

Tinder’s Relationship Goals feature works much the same way.

Tinder Relationship Goals emoji

Users choose from a menu of 6 different intents:

  • Long-term 
  • Long-term, but open to short
  • Short-term, but open to long
  • Short-term fun
  • New friends
  • Still figuring it out

Whichever option you select is displayed as a badge on your profile. You’ll also be prompted weekly to update the status if needed, and you can change it whenever you want.

Tinder goals notification

To add your relationship goal to Tinder, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the person icon in the menu bar
  2. Tap the profile icon to access the profile editing screen
  3. Scroll down to the Relationship Goals settings
  4. Tap Add and select the emoji which best represents what you’re hoping to find on Tinder
Tinder relationship intent badge on a profile

Your potential matches will now see your relationship goal displayed just above the About Me section of your Tinder profile.

In addition to specifying your relationship goals, Tinder also allows users to specify the types of relationships they're open to.

You'll find the Relationship Types options just under the Relationship Goals in the profile editing screen.

Tinder relationship types settings

There are 5 relationship types to choose from:

  • Monogamy
  • Ethical non-monogamy
  • Open relationship
  • Polyamory
  • Open to exploring
type badges

Whichever ones you select will also display as badges on your profile.

Why You Should Use The Relationship Goals Feature

According to Tinder’s internal data, over half of members used the feature to share their intentions when it was being tested in select markets. And somewhat surprisingly, the most selected Relationship Goal is "Long Term Relationship," with 40% of daters on Tinder selecting that badge.

As Tinder’s VP of Core Product Kyle Miller theorized in a press release, the feature’s popularity is in part because 72% of Tinder users are looking for someone who knows what they want.

This feature was developed in response to a shift we've seen among our members. Young singles, who make-up a majority of Tinder, are increasingly becoming more intentional with who they spend their time with.

-Kyle Miller, Tinder VP

That means letting your potential matches know that you know what you want is an easy move that could boost your match rate.

Want to really maximize your chances of getting more Tinder dates? Then…

Optimize Your Tinder Profile For Your Relationship Intent

Ideally, you want the tone and style of your Tinder bio to be cohesive with your stated relationship goal. That’s important, because a mismatch between the two could raise a red flag for your potential matches. 

Take this profile, for instance:

Tinder profile with a relationship goal that doesn't match the profile tone.

Joe is looking for something serious according to his Relationship Goals badge, but his bio implies the opposite. He hasn’t written anything to make himself look like a compelling potential match for a woman who is also looking for a committed relationship.

She’ll likely come away with the impression that something doesn’t add up about Joe and his intentions, and swipe left accordingly.

For the best chance of success, your Tinder profile needs to be cohesive. 

If you advertise that you’re looking for a long term partner, but your bio is too flirty, cocky or sparse on details that make you seem like relationship material, then you aren’t making the right impression. 

Similarly, if you choose the short term fun option, but your bio and photos are on the serious side, the seed of doubt has been planted.

The tone of your bio and prompts should be congruent with your chosen Relationship Goal, and you should curate the information you include with an eye for what a potential match who’s looking for the same thing would find compelling.

Let’s break down this concept with a few more examples.

Example #1: Long-Term Partner Tinder Relationship Goal

If you select “long-term partner” as your Relationship Goal, but your bio looks something like this:

Two examples of short Tinder bios

…it doesn’t exactly line up. If you’re not willing to put in the effort to write a decent bio and make a good first impression on the app, what does that tell your potential matches about the effort you’ll put into a message exchange or first date, much less a relationship?

Bland, zero-effort bios aren’t appealing for any Relationship Goals status. And on an app where men outnumber women so heavily, you need to do everything possible to market yourself in an attractive way.

Serious relationship intent bio example

This bio ticks the right “relationship-worthy” boxes: good job, sense of humor, works out, cares for dog. Pair that with a few strong Tinder photos, and you’ll have a profile that’s optimized for your long-term partner Tinder relationship goal.

Example #2: Short-Term, Open To Long Tinder Relationship Goal

With the short-term intent badge, you can get away with a more humorous approach. 

But since you’re leaving long-term on the table, you also want to at least hint at a few “boyfriend material” qualities you bring to the table.

Short term, open to long profile example

Even if you’re not in the market for anything serious, it’s also a good idea to go through Tinder’s verification process. Verifying your profile is easy to do, you just need to submit a short video selfie to earn the blue check mark.

Taking that extra step helps reassure your matches that your profile is legit.

Example #3: Short-Term Fun Tinder Relationship Goal

If you’re just on Tinder for casual dating, the key to success is having a profile that makes you seem like a fun guy to spend time with. 

An easy way to do that is by showing off your sense of humor, like this:

Short term fun relationship intent profile example

Even if you’re just on Tinder for hookups, your profile still needs to convince her to swipe right. 

Any guy who’s been on Tinder for more than a minute knows the competition for the hottest matches is fierce, so investing time in the impression you’re making is important if you want to actually meet any matches face to face.

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