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Agape Matchmaking Cost: 2024 Prices & Comparison

Wondering if Maria Avgitidis and her team are the right matchmakers for you? Budget can be a big factor in deciding which service to hire, so we’ll jump right into how much Agape Matchmaking costs.

Agape Match homepage

Agape Matchmaking Cost

Agape Matchmaking packages for men range from $30,000 to $100,000 for 6 months of active searching and a minimum of 6 introductions. 

The final price will reflect factors such as the scope of your search and the complexity of your criteria. And if you enter into a relationship with a match that lasts for 6+ months, you may also be asked to pay a $5,000 ‘success fee.’ 

There is a free option for women, but it’s a passive membership. Women can create a profile for the Agape Match database, which will be considered for matching with paying clients.

Keep in mind there is no active search done on your behalf, and you’re not working with a matchmaker. Database members are only contacted if they match a paying client’s criteria.

Next, let’s compare how that price tag stacks up to other NYC matchmakers who might be on your radar. Our team has been in the matchmaking industry since 2009, so we know firsthand what singles like you value most when it comes to hiring service. 

We’ve written over 200 matchmaker reviews, diving deep into cost, process, and more. In other words, your research just got a lot easier!

A Head-To-Head Cost Comparison

Agape Matchmaking is headquartered in New York, but they also work with singles in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Philadelphia, and Boston. 

When it comes to matchmakers who service those areas, you have a lot of options. Here’s a quick rundown on 4 who should make your short list:


Enamour website

Providing a “white-glove” approach to matchmaking, Enamour’s packages begin around $20,000 for a 6-month search.

Enamour’s team will hand select exceptional singles from their exclusive, invite-only database. But the search doesn’t stop there; they also leverage advanced recruiting technology and a network of scouts to identify potential matches from a variety of sources.

Matches are thoroughly screened, including an in-person or video interview. For those who pass, you’ll review a full profile with photos. After each date there's a feedback process, which helps your dedicated matchmaker fine-tune the search.

And if you’re looking for more, Enamour also offers additional services in personal styling, professional photography, and dating coaching to complement your experience. 

VIDA Select

VIDA Select matchmaking

VIDA stands out in the matchmaking industry by taking an unusual approach to pricing: packages are sold on a monthly basis, so there is no long-term contract.

There are three levels of service to choose from. Basic packages begin at $1195 per month, Premium options start at just $1795 per month, and Elite packages begin at only $2595 per month.

The cost highly aligns with the number of hours your dedicated matchmaker spends on your search, taking into account factors like the complexity of your match criteria, how many cities you’d like to include in your search, etc.

VIDA’s modern approach leverages the largest source of eligible matches there is, which means you’ll be meeting singles who check all your boxes. On average, VIDA clients begin a relationship with a match in just 3 months of service. 

Brigitte Weil Matchmaking

Brigitte Weil matchmaking service homepage

A boutique matchmaker based in NYC, Brigitte Weil helps select singles across the US. Her packages start around $15,000, and she only works with a handful of active clients at a time.

Before launching Brigitte Weil Matchmaking in 2020, she worked with another national service. Prior to that she spent over two decades as a wellness coach, and now offers clients dating coaching in addition to matchmaking.

To learn more about this NYC matchmaker, check out our Brigitte Weil Matchmaking review.

Sameera Sullivan Matchmaking

Sameera Sullivan Matchmaking NYC website

Sameera Sullivan’s matchmaking packages for men range from $25,000 to $250,000+ for a 1-year contract. 

Women can join Sullivan’s database for free, or pay $500 to become a “priority” database member. This membership level also includes a background screening and an interview with a matchmaker. While this option increases your chances of being considered as a paying client’s match, there is still no guarantee of meeting anyone.

Sameera Sullivan is based in Houston but she has a presence in several major cities, including New York. 

Check out this full review of Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers for an in-depth look at her matchmaking process.

Now that you have a ballpark estimate of what you can expect to spend on a matchmaking service, let’s take a closer look at Agape Match.

What To Expect From Agape Matchmaking

As with most services, potential clients begin by filling out a contact form online or calling them directly. The next step is a consultation to discuss your relationship goals, match criteria, etc. 

This consultation is also a screening process to determine if you’re the right fit for the service, and vice versa. It’s important to treat these initial consultations like an interview, because you’ll want to ask the right questions to make sure you’re hiring the best service for you.

Need a little help preparing for your consultation? Bookmark our Insider’s Guide To Hiring A Matchmaking Service - you’ll find the 9 essential questions to ask!

If you decide to move forward with Agape Match, you’ll sign a contract and purchase your package. Once she and her team have familiarized themselves with your partner requirements, the search begins within their database of singles.

When a match is identified, you can review the profile to see if you’re interested. First dates are planned and arranged for you, and there is a check-in process afterward.

Curious what clients thought about their experience working with Maria Avgitidis? Read our full Agape Matchmaking review here!

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