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Meet Brigitte Weil [Is She The Best NYC Matchmaker For You?]

Not sure which elite NYC matchmaker is the best choice for you? This Brigette Weil matchmaker profile has all the details to help you decide if she should make your shortlist. 

Coming up, you’ll get a peek at her matchmaking approach, how much it costs to work with her, and more!

From the smallest boutique operations to the biggest industry players, our team of experts has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services.

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Meet NY Matchmaker Brigitte Weil

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Brigitte Weil has been coaching people for over 2 decades. Initially, she began as a wellness coach, guiding individuals toward achieving personal goals through health and well-being.

During her time as a wellness coach and motivational speaker, one of the larger matchmaking services in the country approached her about working with their clients. She quickly grew to love working with singles, but soon discovered helping them find a relationship was not always a clear-cut route. 

Over time, she created her own blend of matchmaking and coaching methodologies. This eventually led her to open Brigitte Weil Matchmaking, headquartered in New York.

As Weil shared in an interview

"My unique selling point is one of the reasons I left the larger national company, I felt like my matchmaking clients needed a more tailored experience."

Looking back on her journey, Weil reflected that witnessing healthy relationships in her family impacted her views on love. Her grandparents were married for over 70 years, and the lasting bond between her parents significantly influenced her understanding of interpersonal connections.  

I've been surrounded by a lot of long-term relationships, and I think to me it's something that is incredibly special, and I'd like to help other people have the same experience."

Weil highlights how her own personal experiences, both positive and negative, have molded her views on love. Speaking to Loop about her experiences, she shared this perspective

"Our twenties and thirties are the learning years – full of mistakes, questionable choices, and sometimes regret. That’s okay - this is a wonderful and useful intel. If we're open and honest, we allow our history to become our compass to meaningful relationships and true happiness."

Brigitte Weil’s Best Dating Advice 

As a long-time coach, it’s no surprise matchmaker Brigitte Weil provides her clients with dating guidance. She also shares her dating tips and relationship advice in interviews and on social media.

In a recent interview, she offered a few crucial tips for singles heading for their first date. 

Weil believes in the principle of simplicity when it comes to conversations. Instead of bombarding your date with numerous questions, she urges singles to get out of interview mode to keep things on the lighter side. 

As she puts it

I generally do not suggest asking a ton of questions on the first date. I think the best experience is just to be yourself and talk about your day and talk about yourself, but not necessarily turn the date into 20 questions.”

Weil also recommends that singles carve out some time to prepare properly before their date, especially if it’s right on the heels of your workday. 

She suggests transitioning out of work mode by going home, freshening up, and changing clothes. She maintains that this simple act can make a significant difference.  

Put your date mode on, and go out and have a good time. Try to think that you are looking to meet somebody new and interesting, not necessarily looking for the man or the woman of your dreams.”

As a former wellness coach, Weil oftentimes has clients discuss weight management issues. She acknowledges the challenges faced by singles who are dating and dealing with added weight. 

She suggests they openly embrace their ongoing journey of self-improvement and weight loss. Weil believes that truthful communication reveals "flexibility, determination, and the desirable goal for increased happiness and well-being."

Despite the ups and downs of dating, Weil underlines the importance of maintaining an open mindset. Being open emotionally, physically, and psychologically is integral to the dating process. 

In her words, one should be "Open to falling in love with somebody that you did not expect.” 

Brigitte Weil’s Approach To Matchmaking

Brigitte Weil Matchmaking homepage

A boutique matchmaker, Brigitte Weil typically works with around 10 clients at one time.

Back when she first launched her company, she planned to concentrate purely on matchmaking. However, as she expanded her range of services, she recognized the crucial role of customized coaching throughout the matchmaking process.

As she explained in an interview

When I first left the national company, I assumed I would focus only on matchmaking but when I started to build the website, and I started to add more to it, I realized how mandatory the coaching piece is to have a successful matchmaking business.”

Nonetheless, Weil acknowledges that coaching might not always be welcomed with open arms by everyone. 

Many of her clients initially express a lack of interest or perceived need for the coaching component. According to her

Nobody thinks they need coaching. Everybody thinks ‘I know how to date, I’ve done this before, I know what I want.’” 

As a result, Weil says she often ends up having to convince them that coaching boosts the odds of a successful experience.

Another challenge she faces while working with clients: a preconceived notion about their ideal partner. She notes that having such specific expectations can considerably narrow the pool of potential suitors.

"Maybe the person of one’s dreams does not have an Ivy League degree. Maybe they don’t have hair, maybe they have a couple of extra pounds. When you have those expectations, you immediately eliminate 80% of the population.”

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Brigitte Weil?  

The costs and packages offered by Brigitte Weil Matchmaking are not explicitly disclosed online, however she shared in an interview that packages typically range between $15,000 and $25,000 per client.

The final cost of your package will factor in the length of your contract, complexity of your match preferences, location, etc.

Wondering how Brigitte Weil's prices compare to the New York matchmakers you may be considering? Let’s take a quick look!

A white glove matchmaking service, Enamour pairs ultra-selective and accomplished singles with exceptional singles from a curated, invitation-only database. The team also uses recruiting tech and an extensive network of scouts to leave no stone unturned in the search for highly compatible candidates. 

Enamour packages start around $20,000 for 6 months of service.

Catering to creative and artistic types, Modern Love Club was established by Amy Van Doran. Like Weil, Van Doran and her team work with a limited number of singles at any given time. She is headquartered in NYC, and works with clients across the US. 

Modern Love Club packages start around $30,000.

The Bevy, co-founded by Nikki Lewis and Greta Tufvesson, maintains a presence in both NYC and Los Angeles. Clients typically come by referral, and their service starts around $25,000.

VIDA Select also offers elite matchmaking, but at a fraction of the cost. VIDA takes a modern approach that leverages the largest pool of eligible NY singles there is, which means you’ll be enjoying dates with highly compatible matches.  

And rather than requiring a multi-month investment, VIDA offers by-the-month packages. The price highly aligns with the number of hours your dedicated personal matchmaker will spend on your search, taking into account factors like the geographic scope, complexity of criteria, etc.

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