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Bumble Premium+ Review [2024 Cost, Feature Comparison & More!]

Curious about Bumble’s “VIP” membership? Bumble Premium+ is an upgrade to Bumble Premium, and as the name implies it comes packed with a few extra features.

But is Bumble Premium Plus worth it? Coming up, our dating experts explain when it makes sense to upgrade (and when it doesn’t.) We’ll also run down the cost, what you get for the money, answer your most burning questions, and more!

We’ve been using Bumble daily since it launched back in 2014, swiping, matching, and messaging on behalf of all the clients we present. Thanks to all that firsthand experience, we know this popular dating app inside and out.

Let’s start by taking a look at Bumble’s VIP features…

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Bumble Premium+ Features

When Bumble Premium Plus launched in late 2023, it became the third - and most expensive - membership option for users.

Bumble Premium Plus invite

This subscription unlocks 3 additional features, and also includes all the perks that come with Bumble Premium and Bumble Boost.

Here is what you get with Bumble Premium+:

  • Your Likes, Up Top - Similar to Tinder’s Priority Likes feature, Bumble promises that anyone you “Like” will “see you sooner” than they would have otherwise.
  • Stand Out Every Day - The app will automatically promote your profile “at the best time” everyday, so it’s essentially a strategic Bumble Boost.
  • See Trending People - This unlocks the “Trending” tab in the Discover section, where you can swipe through profiles of the singles who are getting the most attention on the app.

Bumble’s Trending tab is visible to everyone, but only Premium+ subscribers can see the profiles there.

Bumble's Trending tab

The “Trending” feed shows you local singles who are getting lots of likes, SuperLikes, etc. In other words, it’s an express lane to the most popular users.

But unlike your Best Bees, keep in mind these Trending profiles aren’t curated just for you, so they may be slightly outside your matching criteria. 

How Much Does Bumble Premium+ Cost?

Bumble Premium Plus cost

While pricing may vary depending on your location, you can expect to spend around $79.99 for 1 month of Bumble Premium Plus. There is also a 1-week subscription for $39.99, and signing up for 3 months is $159.99.

Is Bumble Premium Plus Worth It?

Yes, Bumble Premium+ is worth the money in some cases. 

If you live in a city like San Francisco, LA, or New York that has a ton of other Bumble users, the priority likes feature gives you a competitive advantage. 

With the upgrade, your potential matches are virtually guaranteed to see your profile at some point. Without it, your profile may never make it to the top of her cardstack. 

Similarly, the strategic daily promotion of your profile can get you in front of more people. 

But in both cases, the Premium+ subscription will only pay off if all those potential matches right swipe your profile. Our Ultimate Bumble Guide is packed with all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to boost your match rate!

Bumble Premium+ is definitely an investment, at almost $80 per month it’s one of the pricier subscriptions out there. Tinder Platinum and HingeX, for instance, are both only $49.99 for 1 month.

If you find yourself running out of potential matches often, upgrading to Premium Plus likely isn’t worth the money. You’re better off using Bumble for free, or choosing one of the less expensive options.

Want to see how all three Bumble levels stack up to each other? Check out our Bumble Premium+ vs Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost comparison!

Why Can’t I See Bumble Premium Plus?

If you don’t see the option to upgrade to Premium+, that means it’s not currently available in your market.

How To Cancel Bumble Premium Plus

It’s simple to cancel your Premium+ membership, but you need to do it correctly. Deleting the Bumble app does not cancel your subscription automatically. 

To cancel Bumble Premium on iOS:

  • Go to your phone’s settings screen
  • Tap your Apple ID
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Choose Bumble from the list
  • Tap “cancel subscription”

On an Android:

  • Go to the settings screen
  • Select the Bumble Premium+ subscription
  • Tap cancel

Make sure to cancel Premium Plus before the subscription automatically renews. You can keep using the premium features until the billing cycle ends. Like most dating apps, Bumble won’t give you a refund if you forget. 

The Best Way To Make Bumble Work

Hoping upgrading to Premium+ will magically get you more Bumble dates? Unfortunately, it’s not an express lane to success. While it will get more eyes on your profile, the rest is still up to you.

You need a stand-out bio, a compelling photo array, and messaging skills that will keep your matches’ interest and seal the deal. In other words, it’s still a lot of work. And if you aren’t an expert at marketing yourself on a dating app, then Bumble may still be a frustrating experience for you. 

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