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KIS Matchmaking Reviews [Best CO Matchmaker For You?]

Considering whether Gabriella Aratow is the ideal Colorado matchmaker for you? It's a smart idea to do a little research on Keeper Introduction Services before making that decision.

And you landed here, so doing that research just got a lot easier thanks to this Keeper Introduction Services review! 

With over 14 years of first-hand industry experience, our team of matchmaking experts understands what customers value most in a service. From the smallest boutiques to the biggest international agencies, we've reviewed 200+ matchmakers. 

Coming up, we'll delve into Keep Introduction Services' matchmaking process, how much it costs, and more. All the info you need to make an informed decision!

Let’s start with…

Gabriella Aratow’s Road To Matchmaking

CO matchmaker Gabriella Aratow

Gabriella Aratow got into matchmaking in a roundabout way - it all started when she was helping her 70+ year old mother set up a Match profile. Diving deeper into the world of online dating, Aratow says she came across an ad for Tawkify, a national matchmaking service.

She thought about applying as a client, but then realized the timing was right for a career change. She had been out of the workforce for several years, taking care of an ailing family member. Prior to that, Aratow had been working for the William Morris talent agency in California, but had lost her job due to a merger.

Aratow ended up coming on board as a Tawkify matchmaker in 2016, and working there for 4 years. She has also been affiliated with Love Boss Matchmaking.

She moved from California to Colorado after falling in love with it while visiting Telluride. While visiting family in Colorado, a Tinder date ended up showing her around all his favorite spots near Aspen. 

Nothing became of the Tinder match, but Aratow said she fell in love with the area. In her own words

I tell people, the thing about dates is you don’t know what’s going to come out of them. I did not find my romantic partner from this date. But I did find my home.”

In 2020, Aratow opened Keeper Introduction Services, also known as KIS, based in Basalt. 

Aratow says the choice of 'introduction' over 'match' in the company name was intentional, reflecting her commitment to ensuring introductions instead of just promising matches. 

And the term 'keeper', as Aratow explains, has significant “literary roots about being someone’s guardian or caretaker, which is an element of real love, that protective element.”

KIS logo

Aratow says she’s able to relate to what her single clients face as they navigate the dating world, having faced many of the same experiences herself. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly - I know what people are going through.” 

As she shared in an interview, KIS clients are typically outdoor fitness enthusiasts in Colorado ski towns. 

But she also helps singles in cities across the US, like Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, and has served a few clients internationally as well. Client ages range from late 20s to upper 70s.

What To Expect As A Keeper Introduction Services Client

Keeper Introduction Services website

If you’re considering Keeper Introduction Services, the first step is to complete the online membership form. You'll share basic information about yourself, your lifestyle, and what you're looking for in an ideal partner.

KIS provides two options for singles: join as a database member or as a paying client.

Submitting a profile on the KIS website means you'll be listed in the singles database once you've been screened. Your profile will be shared with active clients if you meet their criteria. 

This level of membership is free of charge, but keep in mind it’s not an active search for you - you may never be contacted. If a paying client expresses interest in meeting you, Aratow will reach out to see if the interest is mutual. If so, the date details will be arranged.

As a matchmaking client, Aratow and her team will actively look for compatible singles on your behalf. Potential matches will either come from the KIS database or she will reach out to her matchmaking network to see if one of their clients might be a good fit.

Aratow shared how optimistic she is about each match she pairs up. 

Every date I set up still fills me with hope, like it could change the entire world because it actually can.”

Aratow recruits new clients and database members through various marketing channels. As she explained to City Life

I do everything from using social media and going on podcasts to asking friends and family and attending networking events. I also use other matchmakers a lot. We also refer candidates to each other in the matchmaking business, which is nice.” 

How Much Does Keeper Introduction Services Cost?

According to Aratow, the price for matchmaking service will likely fall within the 5-figure range. Costs are not disclosed on the website, as the precise amount varies depending on factors such as the desired search scope and match preferences.

Typically, matchmaking contracts span a period of 6 months and include 1 to 2 introductions per month. 

“5 figures” is quite the range, so to give you an idea of what you might be spending let’s take a look at what a few other Colorado matchmakers charge. 

For instance, Enamour, known for its exclusive, “invitation only” database of exceptional singles, also uses recruiting technology and a network of scouts to expand the search both offline and online. 6-month matchmaking packages typically start around $20,000. 

Kelleher International is headquartered on the West Coast but has a presence in Denver. Contracts typically last between 1 and 3 years with prices starting at $30,000.

Another matchmaking service worth considering for Colorado singles is VIDA Select. That’s because VIDA’s modern approach leverages the single largest source of eligible Colorado singles there is!

VIDA also offers packages on a monthly basis. This ‘pay as you go’ approach means you can stop, start, and pause your search at any time. 

Package prices highly align with the number of hours your matchmaker will devote to your search, given the complexity of your matching criteria, how many cities you’d like included, and other factors.

Basic matchmaking packages start at $1195 per month, with Premium packages beginning at just $1795 per month. Elite options start at just $2595 per month. 

On average, VIDA clients meet someone special within 3 months of beginning their service.

Ready to find your ideal partner? Find out if VIDA is right for you!

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