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Meet Michal Naisteter [Best Philadelphia Matchmaker?]

Curious about Philadelphia matchmaker Michal Naisteter? From how she got her start to her matchmaking philosophy and more, this matchmaker review has all the intel you’re looking for!

With over 14 years of first-hand experience in the matchmaking industry, our team of experts knows what clients value most in a service. 

We’ve reviewed more than 200 matchmakers, diving deep into their processes, pricing, success rates, client experiences, and more.

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How Matchmaker Michal Naisteter Got Her Start

Philadelphia matchmaker Michal Naisteter

Michal Naisteter says she didn’t start out to become a matchmaker, but her unique academic background, world travels, and public health experience serve her well now. 

Naisteter's interest in human relationships sparked during her undergraduate days at Pennsylvania State University, where she took an intriguing course in human sexuality. 

This curiosity led her to subsequently earn a master’s degree in the same subject.

She began her professional journey in Tel Aviv, working with children of migrant laborers. Later, she moved to Boston to offer HIV counseling, followed by working for several years in Colombia.

Upon her return to Philadelphia, she knew it was time for a career shift. While searching for job opportunities online one night in 2017, she found an opening at a matchmaking service. 

Believing she’d be a good fit for the role, she took her first professional plunge into matchmaking with a stint at the national service Three Day Rule.

She worked there until 2022, when she used the experience she’d garnered to launch her own Philadelphia matchmaking service, Michal Matches.

Michal Matches primarily works with clients in the greater Philadelphia area, with a special focus on her roots within the Jewish community. As she explained in an interview with Philadelphia Jewish Exponent,

This is a new approach that’s incredibly traditional at the same time. That’s also why matchmaking in the Jewish community is so great because it’s not foreign to them.” 

A Taste Of Her Best Dating Advice For Singles

Michal Naisteter keeps herself busy not just with her matchmaking clientele, but also by disseminating dating advice through various media channels and interviews. 

She extends her reach by co-hosting a podcast, The Yentas, alongside fellow Jewish matchmakers Aleeza Ben Shalom and Danielle Selber.

The Yentas podcast logo

Speaking with Metro Philadelphia, Naisteter highlighted the critical role of authenticity in dating. 

Many Philadelphians have expressed to her that first dates often have an interview-like feel. She advises singles to concentrate on revealing their genuine selves to foster a less formal and more enjoyable dating outcome. 

As she puts it

You need to show up and be real — share something deep or share a story about how you failed and got back up again.”

In an interview with CBS News, where she advised singles to take a proactive approach and embrace opportunities to meet new people.

"You're looking for your last first date. The next date could be your last one, and that's all it takes, so you just have to say 'yes' to it." 

Michal Naisteter’s Matchmaking Philosophy

Michal Matches homepage

Naisteter perceives her role as a matchmaker to be more nuanced than merely pairing up prospective partners. She guides people towards self-understanding, a process that helps refine their preferences in partners.

Naisteter puts it like this: “I’m like a cheerleader and a sex therapist and your girlfriend all rolled up into one.”

The idea of self-empowerment is a core tenant of her matchmaking philosophy, as she believes self-improvement is crucial for attracting your ideal partner. As she explains,

If you want to meet someone amazing, you have to be amazing yourself.”

When creating matches, Naisteter goes deeper than superficial traits like "looks or hobbies." 

As she explains, true compatibility is measured by how well two people navigate life's ups and downs together. She says the right match is all about “the ability to resolve a conflict. The ability to hold somebody up when things are not easy.”

To ensure Naisteter has a surplus of potential matches for her clients, she says she's always on the lookout for singles wherever she goes. 

In her own words:

I try to meet as many singles as possible. I’ll go to events, I’ll meet friends of friends — I’ll even approach people in the street. I want to walk away knowing who the person is and what they’re looking for."

The Michal Matches Price Tag  

Working with Philadelphia matchmaker Michal Naisteter starts around $4,000, with the final price depending on factors like the length of your contract, complexity of your match preferences, etc.

Before becoming a member, you'll need to meet with Naisteter for a strategy session. The session allows Naisteter to get to know you better and decide if you would be a good fit to work together, and it costs a non-refundable $350.

Once you become a paying client, you'll participate in several more sessions with Naisteter. During these chats, you’ll share more details about your past relationships, your lifestyle, what qualities you're looking for in an ideal partner, etc. Additionally, you'll have a professional photo shoot. 

Once the search begins, your suggested matches will come from Naisteter’s singles database. All database members have been previously screened and individually interviewed by the team. 

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