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Teleport Review: Is This AI Matchmaking App Legit?

If the lure of swiping through countless users is rapidly losing its appeal, a membership-only AI-driven dating app might sound pretty tempting. Our dating experts have the answer to all your questions in this Teleport app review:

We've been in the industry since 2009, and have reviewed more than 200 matchmaking services. From how Teleport works to how much it costs and how to sign up, keep reading to decide if the Teleport dating app is worth trying! 

The Story Behind Teleport

Teleport matchmaking app

When Chad Goodman unveiled Teleport back in 2019, it was a video dating company called Firstdate. In this first iteration, Goodman says the app helped singles go on over 350,000 video first dates. 

The app then took a hiatus to undergo a revamp, relaunching mid 2023 as an AI-powered, invite-only matchmaking app called Teleport

With almost 10 years in the dating industry and having launched several over social platforms, Goodman explained in an interview that he believes the dating industry is designed to keep people single.

“They profit off of your attention, not your intention. They need you to constantly swipe. And they are in the business of keeping you hooked, not in the business of finding you love.”

With Teleport’s new launch, he said he embraced a different business model. As he explained,

“Teleport is not a dating “app”. We don’t do “matches”. We don’t do “swiping”. We do real, authentic, face-to-face connections and conversations — our technology is a stepping stone that gets you that much closer to the actual in-person meet.”

As Goodman explained to Yahoo, the AI under the app’s hood is entirely powered by the users. 

It collects information from the branded sessions members go through, which help users discover their own interests and identify what qualities they're looking for in a partner. It also takes note of your stated interests, passions, love language, etc, and learns from how you interact with the profiles you’re presented with as potential matches.

“So every day, you go through your five profiles that we give you, that you can use to program your AI. It gets to know more and more about you. And every day, you get closer to the best representation of what your ultimate match will be.”

Now that you know the backstory, let’s talk about…

How The Teleport App It Works

Teleport screens

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Goodman described the app as a "matchmaking membership for the most eligible singles in the world that is powered by AI."

When it launched, a group of 44 founding members referred friends and acquaintances for potential membership. Their "matchmaking membership" will initially be limited to 5,000 approved and paying members.

Teleport’s app will continue to maintain its exclusivity until further notice, however you can still apply via the website. 

The League, another dating app known for its "academically elite” membership base, followed a similar invite-only strategy with capped memberships upon its launch in 2014. While there’s still a membership committee and a waiting list, the number of users isn’t limited anymore.

As Goodman explained in the Yahoo! interview, the Teleport app’s membership is exclusive. 

“So we are going through a rigorous process with our membership committee, to onboard the most eligible singles in the world.”

Each Monday, users get 3 recommended matches at 11:11 am, but of those 3 you can only message one. You can also view up to 5 profiles daily, and send messages to them. 

According to Goodman, this selective process encourages users to be more intentional and look for partners who share similar mindsets rather than the mindless swiping singles fall into on dating apps.

Teleport stayed true to its original roots, as going on a video date is the goal of the app. 

As Goodman says,

“The best way to create real, authentic connections is by going on real dates with real people. When you can look into someone’s eyes, see their smile, and hear their voice, the spark is obvious.”

Teleport lets you do exactly that, all without having to leave your house.

How To Sign Up For Teleport

Potential members can download the app for iOS via the app store, or sign up via the Teleport website. 

The first step is verifying your mobile number, then you’ll provide basic information like your name, email, and Instagram handle.

You’ll then reserve your spot by choosing a 3, 6, or 9-month subscription. While it’s free to reserve your spot, you will be charged upon acceptance. 

If a friend referred you to Teleport, this is also where you enter your referral code. Simply tap the blue “Referral” button and provide it.

Teleport Referral

You’ll then complete your profile. 

First choose your unique username, enter your birthday, gender, sexuality, match preference, your “home base” city and your mailing address (optional). 

Next up is a few basic details about your occupation, where you went to school (optional) and the type of degree you received. You can also choose to include your pronouns, religion, political views, height, and zodiac sign.

Upload a minimum of 3 photos (with a maximum of 6), and your profile is complete.

If you get accepted, your profile will be made public, you’ll be charged for the membership, and you’ll be up and running on the app.

Teleport Cost 

Teleport members pay around $111 per month to use the app and its features, and there is no free version. 

Teleport features include:

  • Private vetted membership
  • AI-powered matchmaking
  • Members-only experiences
  • Guided sessions to program your AI with details about yourself and your lifestyle
  • Bi-monthly “luxury gift packages”
  • Ability to refer your friends with expedited application reviews

New members are required to pay for at least 3 months of membership up-front, with the per-month price coming down slightly when you invest in a 6 or 9-month membership.  

Curious how that cost compares with other exclusive dating apps?

The League’s entry level membership tier costs around $399 for a 3-month subscription, and Luxy’s Black membership costs $99 for 1 month. Tinder Select, the ultra-exclusive membership tier, costs around $499 for a single month.

Teleport Matchmaking App Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros…


  • Screening Process: A rigorous screening process helps ensure high-quality matches, and also takes a step toward eliminating the fake accounts that tend to proliferate on dating apps. 
  • Limited Daily Profiles: Teleport presents only 5 profiles each day, taking a focused quality over quantity approach.
  • Optimized Weekly Matches: Every Monday, members receive 3 optimized matches selected by the algorithm specifically for them. Think of it as an elevated version of Bumble’s Best Bees or Hinge’s Most Compatible feature. 
  • Hosted Events: Teleport hosts exclusive dating events for members, which offer more opportunities to meet and interact with other users. 
  • Much like the dating app Thursday where matches disappear at the stroke of midnight, the point of the app isn’t swiping and messaging. It’s to facilitate dates (although in this case, video dates).

There are also some potential drawbacks to consider:


  • No Free Version: Unlike many dating apps, Teleport doesn't offer a free version or trial period to test the service.
  • Limited Interactions: Members are limited on how many "likes" they can send and can only message 1 of their optimized matches every week. While the “less is more” approach may be perfect for some, it may be frustrating if you want things to move at a faster pace.
  • Limited User Pool: While the membership pool is no doubt exclusive, it’s also small. That means it may take you much longer to find a match you’re interested in dating, if you find one at all.
  • Video Dates Are Front & Center: If you're not into video dating, this probably isn’t the app for you.
  • Not For Android Users: Currently the Teleport app is only available for iOS.

Teleport’s Founder & CEO Chad Goodman does intend to eventually make the app available to a larger audience. As he explains,

“Today, we're entirely focused on building the technology that is mandatory to evolve the human race, to making it effortless to find your perfect match. And over the course of the next two, three, four years, we will have built the product and the algorithm that can predict who you are looking for, and who you have the top chemistry with, with a high success rate. That's when we'll open the app to a wider demographic.”

When it comes to Teleport reviews from actual users, the app has 4.5 stars on the App Store based on 20+ ratings. However the bulk of the reviews are pre-2023.

4.5 Teleport app review rating

Since launching in its current format, there is one 5-star review from a user who loved the new format and also enjoyed the singles events:

5-star Teleport review

The Teleport app has not yet been reviewed on other platforms like Trustpilot.

Is Teleport The Right Matchmaking App For You?

Teleport uses AI to learn about you and your match preferences, then suggest profiles from its dating pool of 5,000 members. If your ideal partner happens to sign up too, then you may eventually find each other.

But compared to apps like Bumble and Hinge, Teleport simply doesn’t have the same volume of users. AI matchmaking might be an efficient way to match up profiles who look great on paper, but with such a relatively small dating pool you may be waiting awhile to find someone you truly click with that’s within “dating distance.”

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