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Dallas Matchmaker Insider's Guide: 5 Great Options!

Being single in Dallas gets frustrating fast when you’re not meeting the type of person you’d consider dating long-term. Hiring a Dallas matchmaker lets you jump straight to the “dates with highly compatible people” part.

Dallas Matchmakers

But which one should you hire?

Our team of matchmaking experts created this comprehensive guide to help Dallas singles answer that very question! Our experience in the industry dates back to 2009, so we're extremely familiar with all the major players and the smaller independent operators.

We’ve written well over 200 matchmaker reviews, leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge and our first-hand understanding of what clients value most in a matchmaking service.

Check out this list of the top 5 Dallas matchmakers, including costs, so you can decide which matchmaking service works best for you!

Sameera Sullivan, Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers

sameera sullivan

Looking for an elite matchmaker with Texas roots? Sameera Sullivan is a Texas native! She founded her matchmaking service, originally called Lasting Connections, in Portland. But she never forgot where she came from. She has offices in Dallas and Houston as well.


According to an interview with Houstonia, Sullivan's paying male clients are elite, busy, and high net worth. 90% of her clients are men in their 40s to 50s.


For women, it's free to have a profile added to Sullivan's database and available for matching with paying male clients. But there’s no guarantee as to when (or if) women will get paired with someone.

For a one-time, $500 fee women can join that database as a "priority" member. That involves a 1-hour interview as well as a background screen. Priority members are given first consideration by the matchmaking team, but being matched with a paying client is not guaranteed.

For men, the cost of her Dallas matchmaking service starts around $25,000 and can go as high as $250,000+. Pricing depends on a number of factors, such as whether or not you want to date locally or in multiple cities and the specificity of our search criteria.

Memberships include 12 months of search time and 6 months of “hold” time.

What To Expect

A "boutique" style Texas matchmaker, Sullivan limits herself to working with a certain number of clients at any given point.

You'll be matched with singles from her Dallas database. Many of her clients have multiple homes or travel extensively, so depending on your package you also have the option of meeting singles from her national database as well.

Sullivan and her team also actively recruit women at sports games, local events, and even gyms and coffee shops if they spot someone who seems to fit what you’re looking for in an ideal partner. Potential matches can also be sourced via her website. Short (non-identifiable) client profiles are posted there, and interested women can apply to meet them.

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For even more details about Sameera Sullivan and her Houston dating agency, check out this Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers (formerly Lasting Connections) review.

Jill Kelleher & Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Kelleher International

jill and amber kelleher

Like Sullivan's service, Kelleher International isn’t based in Dallas. It’s a national matchmaking service based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a team devoted to Dallas singles.


As CEO Amber Kelleher told Forbes, Kelleher International isn’t a “mass market” matchmaking service. Of the 1,000 inquiries they get in a month, they take on maybe 20 as clients. As their website puts it, they attract prominent single professionals who are successful and smart with a taste for the refined.


Matchmaking packages start at $30,000 and go up to $300,000+. The more cities you’d like included in your search, the more a membership will cost.

Memberships generally run for 1 to 3 years, and include 12 months of “hold” time.

What To Expect

As a paying client, you’ll be matched with people in the Kelleher International Rolodex, which is roughly 50,000 singles. You could also be meeting Dallas singles recruited by the local matchmaking team.

When your Kelleher matchmaker finds someone she feels may interest you, both halves of the match get a description via phone of the other person. Dates are arranged only if there’s mutual interest, and you’re required to give feedback on the experience after each one.

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Susan Trombetti, Exclusive Matchmaking

Susan Trombetti

Susan Trombetti is considered a millionaire matchmaker on the east coast, and her matchmaking service has locations all over the country - including Dallas.


Trombetti typically takes on men in their 30s and up for her “VIP” matchmaking services.


Matchmaking services require a consultation: $350 via Skype or $550 in person.

Men under 33 can opt for the “Exclusives Introductions” package for $3,500. Otherwise, a standard membership starts at $7,500 and runs north of $125,000 depending on your matchmaking goals and the level of personalized service you’d like.

Don’t want to commit to a long-term contract? For $4,000+ you can have a “Bachelor Party” thrown in your honor where you’ll meet a selection of high-quality Dallas singles.

What To Expect

Trombetti is not the type of matchmaker who works from a list of criteria. In an interview with Capital Gazette, she said she’s told clients to throw them away because she “doesn’t work with lists.”

She’ll also advise you not to “have a type,” because it’s limiting. Instead, she'll focus on your life and relationship goals, what has (and hasn't) worked in your previous long-term relationships, etc.

So with that in mind, you’ll be matched with Dallas singles from her Rolodex that she feels are compatible. After each date, you’ll be asked to give your matchmaker any feedback you feel would be helpful for the next match.

In addition to matchmaking services, you'll also receive coaching, advice and dating tips as needed.

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April Davis, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking

april davis LUMA matchmaking

Now rebranded, this dating service used to be called “Cupid’s Cronies.” April Davis isn't just a Dallas matchmaker - her headquarters is in Minneapolis. But the Texas branch works with singles in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.


This boutique matchmaking service focuses on executives and professionals, and takes both men and women on as paying clients.


Inclusion in the database of eligible Dallas singles - i.e. a “passive membership” - is free, but comes with no guarantees of a match.

Premium memberships - meaning an active search for your ideal partner - start around $5,000 and continue upwards of $50,000. Multiple factors like how narrow (or broad) your list of criteria is, how easy your matchmaker thinks it will be to match you, and how many dates you’d like all affect the final price tag.

What To Expect

This Dallas dating agency works a bit differently when it comes to selecting your matches.

Your matchmaker will compile a selection of up to 40 Dallas singles she feels could be a good match.

Of those 40, she’ll choose the best candidates for further screening. After interviewing them, you’ll go on a date with a minimum of 3. If you’re into each other, you can exchange contact information at the end of the date.

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Read more about April Davis's service in this in-depth LUMA Luxury Matchmaking review.

Scott Valdez, VIDA Select

Scott Valdez

Want to hire the matchmaking service with access to the largest pool of eligible Dallas singles? Look no further.


VIDA Select takes on both men and women as paying clients, typically in their upper 20s to mid-60s.


Clients choose from 3 levels of matchmaking service: Basic, Premium and Elite. Package prices are highly reflective of how many hours need to be devoted to the search for perfect matches, so considerations like your match criteria, locations, etc. are all taken into account when selecting the best level of service for you.

Basic packages begin at $995 a month, Premium options start at $1595 a month and Elite packages begin at $2395 a month.

What To Expect

If you're looking for elite matchmaking services without having to commit to a long-term contract, VIDA’s pay as you go model could be perfect for you.

Your dedicated matchmaker will hand-select Dallas singles matching your criteria, and you decide which ones you’d consider dating. We'll take care of scheduling the date.

And because our matchmakers can leverage Dallas’s largest pool of singles, the average VIDA client stops service within the first few months so they can explore a relationship with a promising match!

Getting started with VIDA is easy - just click right here!

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