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Better Way To Meet Review [Best Gay Matchmaker For You?]

Wondering if working with Lamont Scales White is the best way to improve your love life? This Better Way To Meet review has all the info you’re looking for!

Our team of matchmaking experts has over 14 years worth of firsthand experience in the matchmaking industry. And we’ve used those insights to review more than 200 services, diving deep into their processes, costs, and client experiences. 

We know what clients value most in a matchmaking service, because we’ve worked with thousands and thousands of them over the years!

Let’s dive in!

Meet Lamont Scales White, AKA The Gay Dating Coach

Matchmaker Lamont White

Pittsburgh native Lamont Scales White has always had a passion for helping others, especially those within the LGBTQIA+ community.

With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in Professional Community Counseling, he initially started his career in the field of public health. By 2004, he was already providing therapy to gay men and couples.

A conversation with a friend who was disappointed by a lackluster matchmaking service experience prompted White to consider a new and tailored approach to matchmaking, particularly for gay men. 

In 2014, he founded Better Way to Meet, a service for gay and bisexual singles. It’s headquartered in Atlanta, but has since expanded to working with men living throughout the US. 

Also known as the Gay Dating Coach, White shared his inspiration in an interview with Georgia Voice:

Gay men, we really didn’t have role models or a blueprint [for dating men], we didn’t have images of how two guys see each other. When I started this back in 2014, there was no one doing this for gay men specifically.” 

You might recognize Lamont White from the second season of Bravo’s reality show “Love Match Atlanta." The show follows the personal and professional lives of five matchmakers, offering an inside look at how they navigate the world of dating and relationships.

Over the years, White has been featured in interviews and publications as a dating and relationship coach. Here are 3 of his best dating tips from around the web:

3 dating tips from matchmaker Lamont White

Lamont White’s Matchmaking Philosophy 

As he shared with The Reckoning, his approach is centered on "very old-fashioned matchmaking." 

White says he prefers to meet with each individual personally, either face-to-face or via Zoom. This direct interaction helps authenticate a person’s identity while also getting a sense of their personality and dating preferences.

White adds that his process involves a lot of listening. This allows him to not only grasp what qualities a client is seeking in a potential partner but also gives him the opportunity to provide insights and advice. 

As he puts it in an interview with The Reckoning, 

I do a lot of listening, and then I say, hey, this is the guy that I want to send you on a date with.”

However, White acknowledges that the path to a satisfying relationship isn't just about finding the right matches. 

As he disclosed in an interview there is a noticeable lack of "same-sex relationship models.” In order to move past this challenge, he works to help clients break away from negative internal narratives.

In his own words, 

As Black gay men, we’ve been taught how to hide our feelings. We’ve been taught how to hide the kind of sex we have. We’ve been taught to think negatively about who we are. We’ve been taught that sometimes our life is not valuable. We have to go through the process of unlearning those things.”

This unlearning process plays a significant role in White's matchmaking philosophy and highlights the societal challenges he says his clients often need to overcome.

Another essential element in his matchmaking process is encouraging self-improvement and self-love. As he emphasized in an interview with Georgia Voice, evolving from casual dating to nurturing love requires acknowledgment of one’s well-being. 

It starts with you, with self-improvement. It’s easier said than done, but I think sometimes guys try to get into relationships without doing the work they need on themselves. When I say work, I mean making sure you’re mentally stable, financially stable, physically healthy, and in a positive mindset of dating.”

White understands the common pitfalls in the dating process, including how it can potentially wear down someone’s self-esteem - especially if they’re emotionally insecure. His solution rests on cultivating happiness and learning to find value in rejection. 

As he articulates

You have to understand that rejection is a part of dating. It’s a good part of dating: if a guy isn’t interested in you, then you can move him out of the way and find someone who’s definitely interested in you.”

Becoming A Better Way To Meet Client

Better Way To Meet homepage

If you’re interested in working with Lamont Scales White, the process of becoming a Better Way to Meet client begins by filling out a matchmaking application through the website. 

Next, you’ll schedule a day & time for the initial consultation. It’s an hour-long virtual meeting where you can expect to discuss your dating preferences and any challenges you might be experiencing. 

A non-refundable $100 fee is required for this consultation. If you decide to move forward as a client, the fee can be applied to your package. 

Clients can choose between a basic or VIP matchmaking membership.

The basic package, specifically for singles in the greater Atlanta, New York, or Washington DC areas, starts around $1,500. As a basic member, your matchmaker will find 1 or 2 potential matches for you. 

The VIP membership is open to clients anywhere in the US, and begins around $4,500. With this package, you can expect to receive 3 or 4 potential matches.

Both levels of membership include dating coaching sessions and planning out your first date for you. Following the date, both parties provide feedback to the matchmaker. You’ll be meeting matches selected from Lamont Scales White's database of singles.

Better Way to Meet also offers dating coaching, couples counseling, and a 'Mock Dating' package. Couples counseling and Mock Dating sessions are 45 minutes each and both are priced at $125. 

There's also the option to sign up as part of the singles database, which starts with a 30-minute virtual consultation. 

The interview fee applies, and a database membership doesn’t come with any guarantee of ever meeting anyone. You’ll only be contacted if you align with a paying client's preferences.

Curious how those prices stack up to other Atlanta matchmakers? Let’s do a quick comparison!

Atlanta Matchmakers (aka Single Atlanta), co-founded by twin sisters Leisha Murphy and Lisa Lyngos, has matchmaking packages that start between $1,000 and $5,000.

And Tawkify is a national matchmaking service that has a presence in Atlanta. They offer a range of packages that cost anywhere from around $4,000 to $70,000+. At the lowest price point, you’ll be meeting at least 3 matches. (Read more about Tawkify’s pricing here!)

VIDA Select is another option for gay and bisexual men looking to meet their ideal partners. Like Tawkify, VIDA helps singles across the US (and internationally as well). 

Clients can choose from an array of matchmaking packages offered across three different service levels. Basic packages start at only $1,195 per month, with Premium options beginning at just $1,795 per month. Elite options start at $2,595 per month.

The cost of each package highly aligns with the number of hours your dedicated personal matchmaker will need to spend on your search each month. VIDA’s modern approach leverages the largest source of singles there is, so on average clients begin a relationship within just 3 months!

(Curious if you qualify for VIDA’s matchmaking service? It’s easy to find out - just go here and answer a few questions!)

Better Way to Meet Reviews 

You won’t find many online reviews for Lamont Scales White and Better Way To Meet. There is only one 5-star review on Yelp, giving the company an overall 5-star rating.

5-star Yelp rating for Better Way To Meet

While it’s not clear if the reviewer was actually a Better Way To Meet client, he mentioned being connected with White during a live stream on Instagram.

5-star Lamont White review on Yelp

Better Way to Meet hasn't received any reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Google, or the BBB.

Reviews can give you a peek into how a particular service operates, but in this case you’ll need to make your decision based on factors such as how you feel during your initial consultation and the cost.

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