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Denver’s Cupid Reviews [Colorado's Best Gay Matchmaker?]

Wondering if R Tony Smith is the best LGBTQ matchmaker to help you find your perfect partner? Start your research here, with our Denver’s Cupid review!

Our team of experts has reviewed over 200 matchmakers, diving deep into customer experiences, cost, and process. And our own firsthand experience stretches all the way back to 2009, so we know exactly what clients value most in a service!

Keep reading to find out if R Tony Smith and Denver’s Cupid is the best bet for Colorado singles. Let’s start with…

The Face Behind Denver’s Cupid: R. Tony Smith

Denver matchmaker R Tony Smith

R. Tony Smith was a marketing and operations director for over 18 years before he ran for Denver City Council from 2018 to 2019. 

And it was his political aspirations that ended up leading him to become a matchmaker. As he shared in an interview with Voyage Denver,

“Denver’s Cupid got started because Trump was elected President in 2016! I was inspired to run for Denver City Council in the spirit of reconnecting people to government… An essential part of my City Council campaign platform was to build stronger neighborhoods by connecting people to each other.” 

While he wasn’t elected, he did earn nearly 3,000 votes and found a new career path. In his words: 

“…I didn’t win the election — but it led to being inspired to continue my life’s work of connecting people — but as a matchmaker — so definitely a win in the long run!”

Smith believed that singles were hiring matchmakers “within their own tribe,” but at the time he couldn’t find any services focused on LGBTQ matchmaking in Denver. 

Seizing the opportunity to fulfill a niche in the market, Smith launched Denver’s Cupid in 2020. As he explained to Shoutout Colorado,

“I literally woke up one day with the inspiration to be a matchmaker… Many in our community are continually reminded that we are less than equal, so ‘Denver’s Cupid’ is my gift back to our community to provide opportunities for love, friendship and connection that we all deserve.”

Denver’s Cupid At-A-Glance

Denver's Cupid website homepage

R. Tony Smith has carved a niche for himself as “Colorado’s Gay Matchmaker,” catering exclusively to LGBTQ singles in the community seeking a serious relationship.

As the Denver’s Cupid matchmaking website advises, “straight and ally friends” will not be accepted as clients.

Matchmaker R Tony Smith recommends that potential clients start by submitting a basic profile for the Denver’s Cupid database via the website. This is free, and you’ll be considered as a “catch” for paying clients.

The next step is scheduling a complimentary consultation, which you can also do via the website. During this call, Smith will review your Denver’s Cupid profile, and you’ll have a chance to share a little about yourself, your lifestyle, and what kind of singles you want to meet. 

If Smith deems you a good fit for the service and you decide to continue, you’ll sign a contract and the process begins. The team will work on your database profile, and get to know more about you and your matching criteria.

You’ll be matched with singles from the Denver’s Cupid database, or with matches sourced from Smith’s network. Depending on the details of your contract, this search can be local, national, or international in scope.

Memberships typically include a 6-month search, during which time you’ll go on “as many dates as possible.”

Smith and his team can arrange the dates for you, and help facilitate communication between you and your match. After each introduction, you’ll have the opportunity to give and receive feedback.

Denver’s Cupid also offers other ways to meet LGBTQ singles, including social activities, seminars, and virtual speed dating events hosted by Denver’s Cupid for Denver’s LGBTQ community.

Denver's Cupid Speed Dating event

These events are typically set up by age group, as well as LGBTQ orientations and genders. 

In Smith’s words:

“We also curate by all LGBTQ orientations and genders, and yes, including Trans and Genderqueer, as well as other groups such as Bears and Sports League participants — it makes an incredible difference if you speed date with people you already identify with and have things in common from the beginning — especially in our diverse community.” 

Now that you know what to expect if you sign up, let’s take a look at what former clients had to say about working with LGBTQ matchmaker R Tony Smith.

Real Denver’s Cupid Client Reviews

On Yelp, R Tony Smith and Denver’s Cupid have a 5-star rating based on 5 reviews.

Denver's Cupid 5-star Yelp rating

Many of these reviews reference Smith’s positive attitude and an overall enjoyable experience, although it was unclear if the former clients were talking about the matchmaking service or one of the hosted events:

5-star Yelp review for Denver's Cupid
5-star Yelp review for R Tony Smith
5-star Denver Cupid review on Yelp

And this Denver’s Cupid reviewer noted he felt his blind date turned out to be a good match, and appreciated that the date details had been arranged:

5-star R Tony Smith review on Yelp

There are an additional 3 reviews not currently recommended by Yelp that are 5-star ratings as well. 

On Google, Denver’s Cupid maintains a 4.8-star rating, based on 50+ reviews.

4.8 Denver's Cupid rating on Google

Denver’s Cupid google reviews are a mix of endorsements from people who have known R Tony Smith for years and former client reviews. 

As with Yelp, some clients appeared to be reviewing Denver’s Cupid single events, while others referenced their experience with the matchmaking service.

Many singles thought the events were a great experience, like these two:

5-star Google review for R Tony Smith
5-star google review for Denver's Cupid

This client hadn’t paid for the matchmaking service yet, but appreciated the encouragement and invitations to the LGBTQ singles events he had received:

5-star Google review for Denver's Cupid

This matchmaking client said he hadn’t met his “prince” yet, but appreciated the process:

5-star Google review for Denver Cupid

And while this client found blind dates to be “a bit anxiety provoking,” he also appreciated that the dates were arranged for him:

Google review for Denver's Cupid that's 5-star

There was also a small handful of 1-star Denver’s Cupid reviews, both from singles who had attended an event.

1-star Denver's Cupid Google review

Now, let’s take a look at the million dollar question:

How Much Does Denver’s Cupid Cost?

Like many matchmakers, Denver’s Cupid does not reveal their prices online. However some online sources have indicated that packages start around $2,500 for a 6-month contract. 

For an estimate of what you can expect to spend, let’s take a quick look at what some other matchmakers for Colorado singles charge.

Tammy Shaklee, for instance, runs H4M - a gay & lesbian matchmaking service that’s based in Austin, TX but helps singles nationally. She doesn’t disclose pricing on her website either, but has said in interviews that the price is “in the thousands.”

Lamont Scales White is also a national gay dating coach and matchmaker. Better Way To Meet is headquartered in Atlanta but he works with gay and bisexual men around the US. Outside of Atlanta, potential clients will need to purchase the national package which starts around $4,500 for 3 to 4 matches.

Tawkify also has a presence in Denver. Unlike H4M, Denver’s Cupid, and Better Way To Meet, Tawkify isn’t strictly an LGBTQ matchmaking service. Matchmaking packages start around $4,000, with the cost varying depending on how many matches you want.

VIDA Select is another matchmaking service that should make your short list if you want the best chance of meeting someone special. Thanks to taking a modern approach to the search for your ideal partner, VIDA’s matchmakers have access to Denver’s largest source of LGBTQ singles!

VIDA doesn’t require a multi-month contract. Instead, packages are offered on a monthly basis. Basic packages start at just $1,195 per month, Premium service begins at $1,795, and Elite matchmaking service begins at $2,595.

The cost of each package highly aligns with the number of hours your dedicated personal matchmaker will spend on your search. On average, clients start a relationship with a VIDA match within 3 months of beginning service.

Why not see if VIDA is the right fit for you, too? Start by seeing if you qualify! 

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