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Jewish Matchmaker Cost: 2024 Prices & Considerations

Thinking about enlisting a little help in the search for your ideal partner, but wondering how much hiring a Jewish matchmaker costs? You’ve come to the right place. 

Most matchmaking services do not openly advertise their pricing, often because packages are tailored to fit a client’s particular search requirements.

You can generally expect to budget anywhere from $2,000 to well over $50,000 on a Jewish matchmaking service. And depending on what type of service you want, you could even invest $100,000 or more.

In this article, you’ll learn the 3 biggest factors that impact cost, what you should consider before signing a contract, and how much some of the best matchmaking services for Jewish singles cost.

Our team of matchmaking experts has reviewed 200+ services, diving deep into their cost, process, client experiences, and more. 

We’ve been in the industry since 2009 and helped thousands of people find their perfect match. So we know firsthand what singles value most in a matchmaker!

Let’s dive in!

The 3 Biggest Factors Impacting Cost

Many matchmaking services don’t disclose the cost on their website. Matchmakers often tailor the service to fit the specifics of a client’s search, or offer a range of packages at different price points. 

In most cases you’ll need to set up an initial consultation to determine exactly how much you’ll pay. But knowing the main factors that affect the overall cost will help you get a ballpark idea of what you can expect to spend for the type of service you want.

These are the top 3…

#1: How Your Matches Are Sourced

Generally speaking, the less work your matchmaker does to find potential matches, the less the service costs. Many traditional Jewish matchmakers make pairings from within an internal database of Jewish singles, and do little if any active scouting beyond it.

SawYouAtSinai Jewish Matchmaking Site

Saw You At Sinai, for example, has clients upload a profile to the database. Then, you’re paired with an affiliated volunteer matchmaker who will search the database for singles she believes are compatible. 

You’ll receive a profile to review, as will your potential match. When interest is mutual, contact information is exchanged and you’re expected to initiate contact.

The cost for this service is on par with many dating sites, as you can pay anywhere from around $25.95 for 1 month to around $65 for 6 months for a membership.

three day rule reviews

Three Day Rule, founded by Jewish matchmaker Talia Goldstein, offers a 3-month package that includes at least 3 guaranteed matches for $5,900. There’s also the 6-month option, which includes at least 6 guaranteed matches, for $9,500. 

You’ll be meeting matches sourced from Three Day Rule’s extensive singles database. If you want your matchmaker to cast a wider net and search beyond it, you’ll need to purchase the VIP package starting at $19,500 for 6 months.

Enamour website

Like Three Day Rule, Enamour isn’t specifically for Jewish singles. But the team specializes in targeted searches that expand far beyond their “invitation only” database. You’ll be meeting compatible Jewish matches identified by the extensive scouting team from a variety of offline and online sources.

Enamour packages start around $20,000 for 6 months.

Aleeza Ben Shalom matchmaking

Jewish matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom also curates her own database of singles, and partners with Saw You At Sinai as well. Her packages run anywhere from $18,000 to over $50,000. 

But extensive scouting beyond a matchmaker’s Rolodex doesn’t always equate to a higher price tag. 

VIDA Select matchmaking

VIDA Select, for instance, uses a modern approach that leverages the largest source of Jewish singles there is. 

VIDA doesn’t require a multi-month contract, offering services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Basic matchmaking starts at $1,195 per month, with Elite packages starting at $1,795 per month. Elite options begin at just $2,595 per month.

The price of your package will highly correlate with the amount of time your dedicated matchmaker will spend each month on your search, given the specificity of your criteria, number of locations you want to include, etc. Clients typically meet someone special within just 3 months of beginning the service.

Why The Scope Of The Search Matters

If budget is a big consideration, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option and simply meet Jewish singles sourced from a matchmaker’s internal database. 

But consider this: The size of the dating pool plays a crucial role in the quality of matches you're likely to receive. A matchmaker's job isn't just about finding singles who align with your criteria; it's also about ensuring compatibility goes both ways so a relationship will work in the long run.

And that’s where the challenge with a limited database arises. It’s nearly impossible for any matchmaker to make consistently high-quality matches from within a limited dating pool in any one location. 

The numbers required to ensure compatibility goes both ways simply aren’t there, and that’s one of the reasons why meeting singles who don’t really fit what you’re looking for is a common industry complaint. It’s not that the matchmaker is bad, it’s that she’s simply matching you with the best options drawn from the candidates she has available.

So even though investing in a service that proactively scouts beyond a database will cost more, it’s the best way to increase the odds that you’ll meet your bashert.

#2: Additional Services

Woman smiling at the man next to her while they are enjoying a glass of wine on a first date

Many matchmakers offer extras that are designed to enhance the matchmaking process. Options might include services designed to help you date better and boost your confidence, like dating coaching and personal styling. 

Clients may also consider services that help them make the best possible impression digitally, like professional photography, image consulting, and even social media management.

You may find that some matchmakers also take an ala carte approach to some aspects of the matchmaking process, considering some elements as “add ons” to your package. For instance, you may find with some services that seeing photos of your potential matches before agreeing to meet them costs a little extra. 

Others might have you pay extra if you want the dates arranged for you, instead of your matchmaker swapping contact information and leaving it up to you and your match to coordinate a meeting.

What’s included in your service - and what isn’t - will be spelled out in the contract you sign. It’s crucial to understand exactly what you’re getting for your investment to avoid any potential surprises or misunderstandings.

#3: Success Fees

According to the Shidduch Laws of Jewish matchmaking, it’s traditional for a couple to pay their shadchan in the event of a successful match. 

This fee varies, and it’s something that’s generally set during a discussion that includes the couple, rabbi, and matchmaker. But success fees are not exclusive to Jewish matchmaking.

Agape Match homepage

Agape Match, a NYC matchmaking service founded by Maria Avgitidis, requires some clients to pay a $5,000 success fee in addition to the $30,000+ package

Steve Fox Matchmaking website homepage

Steve Fox, a matchmaker that’s popular with Jewish singles in South Florida, has several additional “bonus” fees built into his matchmaking contract. His services run between $5,000 and $10,000.

If you go on more than 11 dates with the same match, there’s an additional $3,000 due. Dating a match for 6 months or longer is considered an “engagement” and you’ll pay an additional $7,500.

Serious Matchmaking

Janis Spindel, one of New York’s most well-known millionaire matchmakers, has a signing fee that starts at $65,000. An equal amount will be due as a finder’s fee if you get engaged, move in with, or date one of your matches for 12 months. 

And that’s all in addition to the cost of your matchmaking package. Serious Matchmaking services run between $25,000 and $1,000,000.

Not all matchmakers charge an additional fee upon a successful relationship, but some do - and it’s a cost-affecting factor you’ll want to know up front. 

Further Reading

Understanding the factors that affect how much a service costs is important, because you want to hire the matchmaker that will give you the best odds of success. You want a budget that’s realistic, with the understanding that it’s an investment. 

Throughout this article, you’ve learned what several great matchmaking services for Jewish singles cost. 

If you want a deeper dive into those, plus a few more options and what they cost, check out our quick guide to the best Jewish Matchmakers next!

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