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OkCupid Boost Explained: Worth It Or Waste Of Time?

Curious about OkCupid Boost and SuperBoost?

This short feature guide has everything you need to decide if buying a boost is worth it! Our team of dating experts use OkCupid daily on behalf of the clients we represent, and our first-hand experience with the popular dating platform stretches all the way back to 2009.

Keep reading for everything you want to know about Boost and SuperBoost, including if these features are worth the money!

Boost on OkCupid

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OkCupid Boost Basics

If you’ve ever boosted your profile on apps like Tinder or Bumble, it works much the same way on OkCupid.

Every time you use a Boost, your profile gets increased exposure for 30 minutes. Or as the platform explains, 

We show your profile in more results than it would otherwise be shown in. 

OkCupid Boost Cost

A single OkCupid Boost costs around $6.99. If you buy 5 at once, they cost around $5.99 each. Purchase 10 at a time, the price drops to around $4.99 each. (Costs may vary by location.)

OkCupid Boost cost

There’s also the SuperBoost option, which is priced according to how long you want the increased exposure to last.

The shortest SuperBoost costs around $29.99, and SuperBoosting your profile for 6 hours costs $44.99. For $59.99, your profile will become instantly more visible for a full 12 hours. (Again, costs may vary depending on your location.)

OkCupid Superboost Cost

The premium memberships do not include a free OkCupid Boost, so if you want one you’ll have to buy it ala carte.

How To Boost Your OkCupid Profile

To purchase a Boost on OkCupid, tap the profile icon in the menu bar, then “Get Boost”. Select which type you want to buy, and you’re up and running!

You’ll know when someone “liked” your profile during a Boost because they are highlighted with a lightning bolt icon. 

Potential matches will not know that you’ve boosted your OkCupid profile.

Keep in mind if you’re using OkCupid’s Incognito Mode to keep your profile hidden until you “like” someone, you’ll want to disable that feature before deploying a Boost.

When Is The Best Time To Boost On OkCupid?

OkCupid recommends logging in between 7 and 10 pm when its users are most active if you want to get more matches. So that’s the optimal time to use a Boost. 

Sundays are typically the one of the busiest days on any dating app, and many users login on Fridays to find some last minute weekend plans. 

Is An OkCupid Boost Worth The Money?

OkCupid claims each Boost results in up to 5 times more matches. Whether that works out in practice depends largely on what shape your OkCupid profile is in.

Example of a bad OkCupid profile

A Boost won’t work miracles. Sure, it’ll show your profile to more people. But they still have to like what they see to make a connection with you. 

Check out these OkCupid profile examples for guys, and use them as a basis to improve your own. 

Once you’ve got your profile optimized, then give it a Boost. 

5 Easy Ways To Make Your OkCupid Boost Worth It

Here are 5 OkCupid profile tips you can use right now to boost your match rate, all based on data straight from the source!

#1: Don’t give potential matches a reason to tap “pass”.

According to OkCupid’s internal data, including lines like “pass on me if” is a bad idea. You’ll get fewer messages and move things off the app less often than people who keep their profiles positive.

Example of a profile with negativity in it.

Instead of letting other users know what type of person you don’t want to meet, describe the qualities, traits and interests that are important to you in a relationship. 

Profiles with a positive spin tend to be much more compelling and attractive than ones containing negativity.

#2: Let spellcheck be your wingman.

This is a quick profile fix with a potentially huge impact if spelling and grammar aren’t exactly your forte. 

OkCupid says their users are 75% less likely to reply to someone if they have a lot of spelling errors in their profile. 

That data is right in line with broader studies, one of which found 68% of singles swipe left on profiles containing poor grammar and spelling mistakes - even when they found the person attractive.

#3: Put your feelings on full display.

Your answers to OkCupid questions help the app’s algorithm suggest compatible matches. And some answers can give you a leg up in the popularity department.

According to their data, users who answered “always” to the “How often are you open with your feelings” question have 8 times more conversations than the people who respond “Never”.

OkCupid question about feelings

Assuming you’re open to falling in love, that’s another good OkCupid question to answer in your profile. 

Indicating that you want love “very much” nets you more likes, matches and conversations than answering “not sure” does.

OkCupid question about falling in love

#4: Use these magic words.

OkCupid is known for analyzing their user data, and one statistical deep dive revealed that profiles containing these words get the most likes and matches:

  • Dog
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Love

If you’re not into dogs, it’s not a great idea to lie about that fact just to get more matches. Especially if you’re on OkCupid to find a serious relationship. A mismatch in the pet department can be a dealbreaker for many. 

But if you do actually like dogs, even if you don’t have any currently, make sure to work in a mention.

#5: Add captions to your photos.

Captions are the perfect way to add context to a photo, give a potential match ice breaker ideas, and show off your personality and sense of humor. 

Adding captions also ensures you’ll show up in OkCupid Discovery. The more places your profile appears, the better.

The Easiest Way To Meet People On OkCupid

Crafting a compelling OkCupid profile isn’t easy. But if you don’t figure out what works and what doesn’t, all the Boosts in the world aren’t going to help you get off the app and face to face with someone special. 

If conquering the learning curve is something you just don’t have time to do, imagine having a team of pros handling every aspect of modern dating for you. From crafting a Boost-worthy, attention grabbing profile to sending messages to singles you can’t wait to meet. 

That’s exactly what VIDA Select can do for you. You just go on all the dates with relationship-worthy singles!

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