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Bumble Bantr Live Explained [What It Is & How It Works!]

Editor's Note: Bumble’s Bantr Live was a limited time promotion that ended in 2022. The feature has since been relaunched as Bumble Speed Dating. Read all about it here!

Bumble Bantr Live is a 3-minute speed dating game you play within the app, where you exchange messages with someone before you've matched with them.

The twist: You only know the name of the person you’re randomly paired with. No photos, no bio, just a first name. As Bumble explains, “Bantr Live puts personality first.”

Bumble Bantr Live

Keep reading to find out exactly how the feature works. And at the end, you’ll get 3 valuable tips to help ensure your Bumble banter partner swipes right when the clock runs out.

Let’s start with the story behind the feature…

Bumble Brings Bantr Live To Life

If you’re thinking the name sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen the Apple Original TV series Ted Lasso. Bantr is the name of the dating app used in the show, and Bumble partnered with the creators to bring it into the real world.

And if you’re thinking the format sounds familiar, that’s because Tinder did it first. Tinder’s Hot Takes feature also pairs up users for a timed message exchange, only revealing photos if both people want to match.

How Does Bumble Banter Work?

Bantr Live runs weekly through the end of 2022 (at least for now - it it's popular, they'll likely keep it around). Users can “RSVP” for each Thursday’s session by tapping on the blue stopwatch icon. You’ll find that in the menu bar of the screen where you swipe through profiles. 

Users will also get pop-up notifications and cards advertising the speed dating game. Tap the “Sign Up” button and boom - you’re registered for that week's event.

Bantr Live RSVP

When the game is about to begin, you’ll get a notification to join. The speed dating sessions run on Thursday evenings at 7 pm. Each one lasts an hour.

You’ll be connected with a person who falls within your gender, age and location preferences, but the only information you’ll see at first is their first name. Messages can be exchanged for 3 minutes, and then you’ll both have the option of matching. 

When the interest is mutual, it becomes an official match and the message exchange moves to the conversation queue with everyone else you’re talking to on Bumble. At that point you can check out their full profile and photo lineup. 

If you get stuck for something to say, Bumble’s “Question Game” feature works within Bantr Live.

Bumble Question Game

Just tap the “Play Question Game” button above the text box, and choose an icebreaker from the list. 

Why Should I Try Bantr Live?

For starters, joining a Bantr Live game is free. You don’t need a Boost or Premium subscription to access the feature, and it’s an effective way to hone your flirty texting skills.

And outside of a same-sex scenario, playing Bantr Live is one of the only ways for a guy to send the first message on Bumble. The other way is by sending a Bumble Compliment, but you can only do that for free once a day.

If you’re frustrated because women aren’t matching with you or sending many messages your way, this could be a game changer.

Having your photos and bio temporarily hidden gives you a perfectly clean slate. You’ve got 3 minutes to let your personality shine, so she’s already feeling a spark before the grand reveal.

3 “Speed Dating” Messaging Tips For Guys

Our team of dating experts has been sending messages on behalf of the clients we represent online since way back in 2009. We track what approaches work and which ones don't, and we're about to share 3 proven messaging tips based on our first-hand experience!

Figuring out what to say to a match is stressful enough. Add a countdown clock into the mix, and it can be downright anxiety inducing. But the last thing you want to do is fall into the trap of asking boring ‘interview style’ questions: 

  • Where do you live? 
  • What do you do? 
  • How was your week? 

Small talk like that won’t highlight your personality, build intrigue or make her eager to continue the convo. 

And if you don’t hit those 3 marks in 3 minutes, she’s probably not going to match with you. But don’t worry, these Bantr Live messaging tips will help create that spark!

Bantr Live Tip #1: Don’t Show Up Empty Handed

Awkward silence is not the foot you want to get off on. Come prepared with a few fun go-to questions you can use to start the conversation, like these:

Bumble Bantr icebreakers

After a few banter rounds, you’ll start to get an idea of what lines work best for you. This type of flirtatious texting in real time is an art, so the more you play the better you’ll get. 

These texting tips will help improve your skills! 

Bantr Live Tip #2: Ask Questions That Evoke Feelings & Emotions

To help keep the conversation flowing naturally, ask questions that are emotional rather than logistical. For instance, let’s say she mentions she’s into rock climbing. 

Asking “What got you into rock climbing?” will result in a far more interesting message exchange than “How long have you been a climber?” You’re inviting her to talk about a passion, instead of prompting a short response like “7 years.”

Questions that get her talking about herself work really well in a speed dating scenario.

That’s because talking about yourself stimulates the brain to release dopamine. In layman's terms, it feels good. And if she feels good while messaging with you, the odds she’ll want to match go way up. 

Bantr Live Tip #3: Avoid Conversation Killers

Conversation killers are throwaway comments that acknowledge her response, but don’t move the conversation forward or invite a response from her.

Generic responses like “oh wow” or “that’s awesome” could stop a message exchange in its tracks if you don’t follow it up by asking another question or shifting to a different topic.

Remember this is a timed event, and 3 minutes goes by fast. Proving that you’re an adept conversationalist will make her want to continue getting to know you after the clock hits zero.

Before You Join Bumble Bantr Live…

Make sure your bio and profile photos are worthy of the big reveal. 

It’s virtually guaranteed she’ll be checking them out after matching with you, and you don’t want what she finds to extinguish that spark you worked so hard to create.

You’ll find plenty of profile and messaging advice in this comprehensive guide to Bumble!

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