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7 Chemistry Pick Up Lines That Really Work

Chemistry.com was designed to help people find “The One,” so women on the site are likely looking for serious daters. Lame pick up lines like “Hey, sexy” and “Ur hot” aren’t going to cut it with this crowd.

And if she’s attractive, you know you’ve got a lot of competition. So why put in the effort to write a killer profile and choose your strongest photos, only to blow your chances with a cheesy message she’s already seen 79 times today?

If you want to meet beautiful women on Chemistry, you have to stand out from all those other guys in her inbox.

A great pickup line does three things:

    1. Catches her eye (The more attractive she is, the more messages she has cluttering up her inbox!)
    2. Makes her want to know more about you (Pique her curiosity and she’s more likely to want to meet you in person.)
    3. Asks her a question (Make it easy for her to respond. Such a simple thing, and yet all those guys who open with “hey” haven’t figured it out yet. Grab the conversational reins – she’ll appreciate it.)

Here are 7 examples of fool-proof Chemistry pick up lines that really work:

chemistry pick up line example

An awesome sense of humor is a powerful asset – research shows women are hardwired to find witty guys attractive. If you can get her to laugh out loud when she reads your message, she’ll want to get to know you better.

This message pokes fun at Chemistry’s personality test, which is an experience you both have in common. And since it ends with a question that invites her to share something she’s looking for, it’s easy for her to answer and the topic lends itself to a deeper conversation.

chemistry pick up lines example

Most women love to travel, or at least love the idea of visiting some exotic place, so ask a question like this that’s fun to think about and answer. An effective icebreaker message will make her feel something positive, and once she’s associated your profile with pleasurable emotions, attraction and trust starts to build.

This pickup line works on multiple levels. The first line establishes something you have in common with her, and research shows people are more comfortable with other people who remind them of themselves.

You also make yourself seem like a desirable catch by highlighting your sense of adventure – without just saying “Hey, I have a sense of adventure.” The difference is subtle, but it’s there. Ask any grade schooler – “Show” is always more interesting than “tell”.

pickup line to use on chemistry.comThe above is another travel-based icebreaker message that fits right in with Chemistry’s “compatibility” concept. If your pickup line kickstarts a nice vacation fantasy, she’ll be happy to respond.

conversation starter for a dating site

Because Chemisty.com works with such an in-depth algorithm, it’s common to come across women who share a lot of your interests. Touching on these interests is a great way to remind her that you have something in common and get her talking about something you both enjoy.

Plus – savvy guys will send this same message to ANY girl who looks intriguing and likes skiing. Copy & paste messages save you a ton of time, and they work because she can’t tell it wasn’t written just for her.

icebreaker that gets women to respond

Luscious chocolate, decadent cheesecake – they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the same definitely holds true for the fairer sex. In fact, the folks over at Hinge found that women are 40% more likely to respond to messages about food.

conversation starter for chemistry.com

This is another mouth-watering message that always plays into the whole “compatibility” vibe – a 2-punch combo she won’t be able to resist.

pick up line that really works

Every day girls are receiving countless messages online telling them how beautiful they are. Spoiler alert: she’s heard it all before, countless times. Set yourself apart by asking her a question that goes deeper than her looks.

Plus, research shows that it just plain feels good to talk about yourself. So give her the opportunity, and she’ll associate those happy emotions with you.

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