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Best LDS Matchmakers, Dating Sites & Apps For Mormon Singles

There’s no doubt the modern dating scene can be challenging, especially when finding someone who shares your faith-based values is a priority. This guide to the best Mormon dating services, sites, and apps will make finding quality Mormon singles a lot easier!

Our team of dating experts has reviewed more than 300 dating platforms and matchmaking services, diving into how they operate, their success rates, costs, and more. 

We’ve been in the dating industry for over 14 years, and have helped thousands and thousands of singles find their ideal partner. This guide will help you decide what approach is the best way to find the relationship you want too!

Let’s start with the…

Best Mormon Dating Services

Hiring a matchmaker is one of the most efficient ways to meet compatible LDS singles. That’s because you’re working with a professional who does all the legwork for you - everyone you meet is pre-screened to fit as many of your preferred criteria as possible.

Some matchmaking services specialize in helping Mormon singles exclusively, while other dating services excel at sourcing highly compatible matches for you to meet. 

First up on our list of the best Mormon dating services is a matchmaker who works exclusively with LDS singles:

Latter Day Matchmaker

Latter Day Matchmaker website homepage

Founded in 2010 by Amy Stevens Seal, Latter Day Matchmaker was originally known as “The LDS Matchmaker” but has since rebranded. 

This LDS dating service is headquartered in Sandy, and helps Latter-day Saint singles Utah, Idaho, and living around the world. 

It’s free to join Latter Day Matchmaker as a Matchable Member. Simply fill out a profile in their Little Black Book database of singles via the form on their website.

But keep in mind there is no guarantee you’ll go on any dates this way, as you’ll only be contacted if you meet a paying client’s preferences. 

Men can purchase a VIP matchmaking package, which includes meeting matches pulled from the Latter Day Matchmaker database. Stevens Seal and her team will also do targeted recruiting nationwide. 

The process for prospective VIP clients starts with booking a “Dating Strategy Session” with Latter Day Matchmaker’s in-house dating coach.

This consultation also serves as a pre-qualification to determine your eligibility for the service. This call typically costs $375, but you’ll sometimes find it discounted to $275. 

VIP matchmaking packages start at $10,000.

Latter Day Matchmaker also offers image consulting, professional photography, dating coaching, and personal styling. 

To learn more about LDS matchmaker Amy Stevens Seal and her service, check out our full Latter Day Matchmaker review!


Enamour website

While not an exclusively Mormon dating service, Enamour’s team will perform an exhaustive search for highly compatible LDS singles for you to meet.

The search begins from within Enamour’s curated, invitation-only database of exceptional singles. 

But the approach to finding your ideal partner is two pronged, and the team also uses recruiting technology as well as an extensive network of scouts to identify high-quality candidates from a variety of sources both online and offline.

Each one is vetted through an in-person or video interview, with your matchmaking getting to the heart of what matters most to you in a match. 

A profile, complete with photos, of each match who passes the screening will be sent to you for review. Dates are arranged on your behalf, and your matchmaker will check in with both of you post-date to obtain feedback that will be used to refine your search as necessary.

Enamour’s matchmaking packages start around $20,000.

This exclusive dating service also offers dating and relationship coaching, personal styling, image consulting, and professional photography.

VIDA Select

VIDA Select matchmaking

Founded back in 2009 by Scott Valdez, VIDA’s modern approach to matchmaking unlocks the largest source of eligible LDS singles there is! 

With a presence in major cities around the world, VIDA has helped over 10,000 singles find their ideal partners.

The process starts with passing a quick online screening, after which you’ll be invited to book a complimentary consultation with a matchmaking advisor. During this call, you’ll share a little bit about your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a partner. 

Your matchmaking advisor will help you select the package that best fits your search requirements, and then you’ll be introduced to the dedicated personal matchmaker who will oversee the entire process.

She’ll get to know you and your match criteria during an information-gathering interview, then get to work selecting highly compatible LDS singles for you to meet.

VIDA takes a different approach to contracts, as packages are purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis. That means you can pause and restart your search as needed.

Matchmaking service is offered across 3 tiers: Basic, Premium, and Elite. 

Basic packages start at just $1195 per month, while Premium packages begin at $1795 per month. Elite packages start at only $2595 per month.

The cost highly aligns with the number of hours your matchmaker will devote to your search, taking into account factors such as the number of cities you’d like to include and the specificity of your criteria.

On average, VIDA clients begin a relationship with someone special within just 3 months of starting service.

In addition to matchmaking, VIDA also offers personal styling, image consulting, professional photography, and coaching (dating, relationship, and/or life coaching is available).

Matchmaking is the perfect choice if you want to skip straight to meeting qualified LDS singles. But that’s not the only way to meet your ideal partner. 

If you want to be more hands on, and have time for all the swiping and messaging online dating demands, here are the best platforms to try first.

Best LDS Dating Sites & Apps

Let’s start with two platforms that are designed for LDS singles.

Mutual Dating App

Mutual Dating App icon

Claiming to be the #1 LDS dating app, Mutual was co-founded by BYU graduate Cooper Boice in 2016. The idea for an app to help LDS singles connect sparked when he moved from Utah to Arizona and found meeting people with similar views difficult.

Tiah Westover, the app’s Director of Marketing, explained their goal in an interview with

Our mission as a company has been to create eternal marriages. It's a lofty goal, and everything that we do is in hopes of creating that environment where people who have similar goals and values are able to do those things.

Mutual does allow singles who are not members of the church to join, but offers a premium subscription that includes filters to screen for factors like frequency of church attendance and temple recommend worthiness.

As Westover puts it, 

[Non-Mormons] are welcome, but we do require you to uphold our community guidelines and standards, which are stricter than other apps.

Users can be banned for inappropriate behavior, whether on the app or in-person while meeting a Mutual match. Ban-worthy behaviors include sexting, nudity, alcohol or drug use, and in some cases, immodesty.

Users who don’t belong to the church may also be invited to meet with missionaries.

The Mutual dating app is available for iOS and Android Devices, and the first step is setting up your profile. You have to wait for Mutual to review your profile but they claim this process only takes a day. Then you can start searching for matches. 

Simply swipe up if you are interested in someone, and if the interest is mutual, you’ll create a connection and messages can be exchanged.

Mutual also hosts live speed dating sessions where you can send someone a chat request and, if they accept, you’ll have a 5-minute timed conversation. When your time’s up, you two can “match” or politely pass on each other.

Once a week, users receive 1 free ticket for these speed dating sessions; however, “MutualUp” users have unlimited tickets.

You can use Mutual for free, or “MutualUp” by investing in a subscription. This will unlock a number of features such as seeing who likes you, advanced filters to screen your potential matches, video chats, unlimited daily swipes, read receipts, and more.

A premium Mutual subscription costs $25 for a single month, $45 for 3 months, or $65 for 6 months. If you’re a student, you can opt for a 1-week subscription for $15.

LDS Singles

LDS Singles icon

One of the more well known LDS dating sites, LDS Singles is owned by Spark Networks. That’s the same company that owns a host of other faith-based dating sites, including ChristianMingle.

Joining LDS Singles involves completing a detailed profile that highlights your religious beliefs and practices, as well as your lifestyle. Users can search based on match percentage, who is online, and distance.

You can sign up and use LDS Singles online, or download the LDS Singles dating app on iOS and Android devices.

It’s free to create an account. You can also browse potential matches, and see your suggested ones. But you’ll need to invest in a subscription to communicate with members, see who liked you, and access other features.

Memberships cost around $49.99 for 1 month, around $105 for 3 months, or around $150 for 6 months.

The Truth About Niche Dating Platforms

Choosing a dating app that’s specifically for Mormon singles might seem like the best way to meet like-minded LDS matches. 

But there is one potentially huge drawback to using any niche dating platform, whether it’s one centered around faith, or a lifestyle choice like being vegan or a digital nomad

The fact is, niche dating apps simply don’t draw in the same number of singles as more popular mainstream options like Hinge, Bumble and Match do. 

Remember, our team of experts has been in the dating business since 2009. We log into all the most popular dating apps daily on behalf of the clients we represent, and we’ve managed niche dating apps upon request as well.

While it is possible to successfully find your ideal partner, we know firsthand that it generally takes a lot longer to meet someone compatible. 

That’s because compatibility has to flow both ways for a match to be worth pursuing. Someone needs to fit your criteria, but you need to check all their boxes too. For that to happen consistently, the pool of users in your area needs to be as large as possible.

We recommend always using a more popular, mainstream dating platform in conjunction with a niche one. Here are two options we recommend for Mormon singles:


Bumble app icon

Bumble is a good dating app for LDS singles for a number of reasons. It typically attracts people looking for a serious relationship, and only women can send the first message, so it’s more popular with women than apps like Tinder

There’s also a baked-in time limit, which helps keep users engaged. When a match first forms, women need to send the first message within 24 hours. The response also needs to be sent within 24 hours, and if either of those two time limits aren’t met, the connection disappears.

You can also use the “Religion” filter to screen specifically for fellow church members, which will save you a ton of swiping time.

To access the match filters on Bumble, go to your match feed and tap the preferences icon at the top right of the screen. Select the “Advanced Filters” menu at the top, and select the religion filter. 

Mormon & LDS religion filter settings on Bumble

You’ll see both Mormon and Latter-day Saint as an option. Check the box(es), and make sure “Show other people if I run out” is toggled off if you’re only interested in meeting those who share your beliefs.

There is one caveat, though. Religion is considered an Advanced Filter on Bumble, which means you’ll need a Premium membership to unlock it.

Bumble Premium is the middle level of the three paid memberships, with Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium+ being your other two options. Bumble Premium starts around $54.99 for 1 month.

Want to see how the membership options stack up against each other in terms of features and cost? Check out our head-to-head comparison here!

And if you want to learn more about this popular dating app, check out our comprehensive Bumble review.

You can use Bumble online, or download the app for iOS and Android.


Match dating site icon

One of the most well-known dating sites out there, Match is particularly popular with singles in their mid-30s and up. 

It’s also a paid dating site, with no way to use it effectively for free. That cuts down on the number of fakes and flakes, and the people you’ll find there are more likely to be as invested in meeting someone as you are. 

Like Bumble, Match has a “Religion” filter you can use to screen specifically for LDS singles.

To access it, tap the preferences icon in the top right menu bar, and scroll down to the ‘Background’ section. Open the menu options for “Religion” and select Christian/LDS. Toggle on “Dealbreaker” at the top of the screen, and you’ll only see fellow church members.

Match costs around $40 per month, with pricing varying by location and what promotions are running at the time you sign up. 

You can use the online version, or download the Match mobile app for iOS or Android

For a deep dive into this popular dating site, check out our full review here

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