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LUMA Matchmaking Cost: 2024 Prices & Comparison

Wondering if matchmaker April Davis and her team are the right ones to entrust with the search for your ideal partner? Budget likely factors into that decision, which is why this article dives right into how much LUMA Matchmaking costs.

But that’s not all you’ll learn. We’ll also compare how that price tag stacks up to the top national matchmaking services that should also be on your radar. 

We’ve been in the matchmaking industry since 2009, giving us first hand insight into what singles value most when it comes to choosing the right matchmaker. 

That’s why we’ve reviewed more than 200 matchmakers and their services, examining their processes, costs, success rates, client experiences, and more.

Let’s jump right in!

LUMA Matchmaking Cost

LUMA matchmaking website

LUMA’s basic packages start at $2,800, and you can choose from an array of options that ranges up to $100,000.

Packages are tailored to fit each client’s search requirements, and the specificity of your match criteria is one factor that affects the final price tag. The more targeted your search, the more you can expect to spend.

Some other factors impacting cost include the number of locations you want to include, the amount of scouting outside the database that will be required, how many matches you want to meet, etc.

Other services, such as dating coaching and personal styling, can be rolled into your package as well.

Contracts typically include a 6-month search, with the option to put that search on hold for a period of 1 month.

There is also a passive membership option, which is free. That consists of having your profile included in LUMA’s database of eligible singles. 

But keep in mind you’re not actually working with a matchmaker unless you purchase a premium package. So no active search is conducted on your behalf, and you’ll only be contacted if your profile surfaces as a potential match for a paying client. 

A Quick Cost Comparison

Founded in 2010, LUMA offers matchmaking services across the US. The company is headquartered just outside of Minneapolis

With so many national matchmakers to choose from, looking at what 3 of the top firms charge may give you a better sense of what you can expect to pay if you hire LUMA.


Enamour Matchmaking

Known for its “white glove” approach to matchmaking, Enamour’s pricing starts around $20,000 for a 6-month package. 

The search for your ideal partner begins within Enamour’s exclusive, invitation-only database of exceptional singles. But the team also uses recruiting technology as well as a wide-ranging network of scouts to pinpoint compatible matches from a variety of offline and online sources.

Enamour also offers dating coaching, personal styling, professional photography, and other services.

VIDA Select

VIDA Select matchmaking

Unlike most other matchmaking services, VIDA doesn’t require a lump sum payment for a multi-month contract. Instead, packages are purchased by the month. Basic service starts at $1195, with Premium packages starting at just $1795, and Elite options beginning at $2595. 

The final package cost highly correlates with how many hours your personal matchmaker will spend on your search, given the complexity of your match criteria, number of locations, etc.

VIDA’s modern approach unlocks the largest source of eligible singles there is, which is one of the reasons why, on average, clients meet someone special within just 3 months of beginning service.

Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule website

Three Day Rule packages start at $5,900, which includes a minimum of 3 guaranteed matches during a 3-month time period. If you want to meet more people, you can opt for the 6-month package that includes at least 6 guaranteed matches. That costs $9,500. 

Like VIDA, Three Day Rule offers several levels of service. VIP matchmaking packages start at $19,500 and include an expanded search.

This national service helps singles in 12 cities around the US, including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, and Silicon Valley. It is headquartered in Los Angeles

Three Day Rule was founded by Talia Goldstein back in 2010. You can read more about them in our Three Day Rule reviews.

Now that you have a better idea of what you might expect to spend on a national matchmaking service, let’s take a look at what you can expect as a LUMA client.

What To Expect From LUMA Matchmakers

LUMA works with both men and women as paying clients, and they are typically in their 20s to 60s. According to their website, roughly half of their clients are divorced. 

The process begins by either calling the company directly or filling out a membership application via the matchmaking website. In both cases, you’ll then be sent an email with an invitation to schedule a consultation call.

During the call, you’ll discuss your membership options, and if you decide to move forward with the service, purchase your package.

You’ll be assigned to a personal matchmaker, who generally works with 15 to 20 clients at any given time. 

After familiarizing herself with your search requirements, she’ll start the search by checking LUMA’s database for compatible singles. If your package allows for it, matches can be identified from other sources as well.

According to their website, matchmakers screen an average of 50 potential matches for each client. For those that make the cut, you’ll have the chance to accept or decline the match.

First dates are planned for you, and at the conclusion of each one you and your match can decide if you want to exchange contact information. 

Curious what clients have to say about their experience with April Davis and her team? Check out our full LUMA Luxury Matchmaking review!

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