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4 Best Affordable Matchmakers [And How Much They Cost!]

Looking for the most affordable matchmaking services? You’ve landed in the right place! 

Hiring a personal matchmaker is an investment, but a worthy one. After all, what’s more important than finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Our team of experts has been in the matchmaking industry for well over a decade. Thanks to all that firsthand experience, we know exactly what singles like you value most when it comes to hiring a matchmaker.

But because it’s a largely unregulated industry, some services are more reputable than others. Choosing the right matchmaker is crucial if you want to invest your money wisely!

We’ve reviewed more than 200 services, diving deep into their cost, processes, client experiences and more. Keep reading to learn about 4 affordable matchmakers worth considering first.

Starting with…

VIDA Select

VIDA Select matchmaking service

Cost: Packages begin at just $1195 per month.

Founded in 2009 by Scott Valdez, VIDA Select’s seasoned team takes a modern approach to matchmaking that unlocks the single largest source of eligible potential matches there is!

That means your matchmaker won’t be limited to sourcing singles from a limited internal database, as is the case with many traditional matchmaking services. Thanks to VIDA’s extensive research, you can look forward to meeting singles who check all your boxes - and who are looking for someone just like you. 

VIDA offers service in metropolitan areas around the world, taking on both men and women as paying clients. Clients are typically successful professionals who are serious about finding their ideal partner.

In addition to matchmaking, VIDA also offers a range of confidence-boosting services designed to complement the matchmaking process. These include dating, relationship, and life coaching, personal styling, imaging consulting, professional photography, and more.

How The Service Works

The process starts with a quick screening, as VIDA isn’t the right fit for everyone. The next step is a complimentary consultation, where you’ll have the opportunity to share your relationship goals and ideal partner criteria.

If the service seems like a mutual fit, your matchmaking advisor will help you select the package that best fits your search requirements.

VIDA takes a different approach to contracts than most matchmakers - no long-term contract is required. Instead, packages are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, giving you the flexibility to start and stop your service as needed.

If you feel sparks with your very first match, there’s no risk of paying for search time you don’t end up needing. Or if VIDA’s approach isn’t quite the right fit, simply don’t continue the next month! You’re not locked into a multi-month contract.

Matchmaking service is offered across three levels of service: Basic, Premium, and Elite. Basic packages begin at just $1195 per month, Premium options start at $1795 per month, and Elite packages begin at just $2595 per month.

The cost of your package highly aligns with the total number of hours your matchmaker will need to devote to your search each month, taking into account factors such as the number of locations you’d like included, the specificity of your match criteria, your deal breakers, etc. 

On average, VIDA clients begin a relationship with one of their matches within 3 months of beginning the service.

With VIDA, you’re in full control of who you meet. You’ll have the opportunity to review a full profile - including photos - of each potential match. 

Your dedicated personal matchmaker will be with you for every step of the process, and continually finetunes your search as necessary based on your feedback.

Three Day Rule

three day rule reviews

Cost: Packages begin at $5,900. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Three Day Rule was founded by matchmaker Talia Goldstein in 2010. 

The name of the service was inspired by Swingers, a movie released in the mid-90s. In it, the characters discussed the need to wait for 3 days before calling a girl they’d just met. The Three Day Rule team doesn’t actually believe in this bit of dating advice, they just used it in the company name.

Over the years, Goldstein has expanded the reach of her service. It now has locations in 11 other cities around the US, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Orange County, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, Silicon Valley, and Washington DC.

How The Service Works

As is the case with most matchmaking services, the process starts with an initial consultation. You’ll discuss your relationship goals, matching criteria, etc, and also learn more about the packages available. 

If both you and the Three Day Rule team decide to move forward with a contract, you’ll select the package you’d like to purchase.

There are several membership options to choose from. Packages start with a 3-month membership, which includes a minimum guarantee of 3 matches. That costs $5,900. 

There is also a 6-month membership, which includes a minimum guarantee of 6 matches for $9,500.

VIP memberships begin at $19,500 and include 6 months of matchmaking service.

All membership options also include 2 date coaching sessions as well as a professional photoshoot. 

There is also the option to register a profile in Three Day Rule’s database, which is free. 

However, the database is extensive and no proactive search is being done on your behalf. That means you may never be matched this way. For guaranteed matches, you’ll want to purchase a membership and work directly with a matchmaker.

As a paying client, you’ll be meeting singles from the database or who have been recruited by a matchmaker. When a candidate is identified, you’ll review a photo and bio, then decide if you’d like to pursue the match.

Because each match is carefully screened and selected, each presentation counts as one of your guaranteed matches, even if you decline to meet them. When you’re interested in a date, contact information is exchanged on your behalf.

After each introduction, the team will gather feedback from you so that your search can be fine-tuned as necessary.

Want to learn more about this affordable matchmaking service? Check out our Three Day Rule reviews!


Tawkify website

Cost: Packages start around $4,000.

National matchmaking service Tawkify was launched in 2012, and co-founded by “life and love” advice columnist E Jean Carroll. 

The Tawkify team helps singles throughout the US, with a larger presence in major cities like Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC. They work with a network of over 50 professional matchmakers.

How The Service Works  

There are 3 membership options to choose from with Tawkify. You can join as a Matchable Member, a Matchmaker Client, or a VIP Client.

As a Matchable Member, you're included in their singles database and are eligible to be paired with Clients. 

This level costs $99 per year, but keep in mind this is a passive membership. No active matching will be done on your behalf. You'll only be contacted if you align with a paying member's preferences.

Matchmaker Clients work with a dedicated matchmaker who will guide you through the matchmaking process. You’re guaranteed to receive matches, and date planning is also included.

The VIP membership includes everything you’d get at the Client level, and your matchmaker can also extend your search to more than one location. It also includes recruiting, date and relationship coaching, and more.

Matchmaking packages start around $4,000 and can range over $70,000 depending on the details and requirements of your search. Factors affecting the final cost include the number of matches you want, the extent of the search, your match criteria, etc. 

Want to take a deeper dive? Check out our Tawkify reviews!

Midwest Matchmaking

Midwest Matchmaking homepage

Cost: Packages start around $1,800.

Founded in 2006 by matchmaker Courtney Quinlan, this matchmaking service originally went by the name Omaha Love. 

While the headquarters are still in Nebraska, Quinlan’s reach has expanded throughout the Midwest, leading her to change the company’s name in 2018 to better reflect the demographic it serves. 

Midwest Matchmaking clients are typically in their 30s to 50s, although Quinlan and her team also help singles in their early 20s and mid 80s.

How The Service Works 

First, there’s an initial consultation where you’ll learn more about how the service works. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your ideal partner criteria, relationship goals, dating challenges, etc.

The package options will be explained, and you’ll choose which membership you want. A 6-month search starts around $1,800, while a year-long search begins around $3,600.

Several factors affect the final cost, such as whether you want to browse database profiles on your own, or have a matchmaker do the profile selection. You’ll also need a higher-priced package if you want to keep your profile private within the database.

There’s also a free passive membership option, but that only includes having your profile in the database. A matchmaker will only reach out if you happen to be compatible with a paying client, so you may never meet someone this way.

After signing the contract and paying for the service, you’ll be matched with other paying clients or singles from Quinlan’s database. If you purchased a “Platinum” package, the team will also do proactive scouting for potential matches.

When a candidate is located, you’ll be able to accept or pass on the match after reviewing a profile and photos. When there is mutual interest, Quinlan and her team will help arrange the introduction.

To learn more about Midwest Matchmaking and see what clients have to say about their experience, check out our service review!

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